The Game Is Playing Your Kid

How to Unplug and Reconnect in the Digital Age

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It's about time the game had a referee... 

As technology advances and digital devices infiltrate our homes, it is important to monitor how our kids are using these items. But how can you decrease your kids' overreliance on technology without stifling their freedom or making them "outsiders" amongst their peers?

It can seem that there is no satisfactory solution to this dilemma, but do not despair--the assistance you need is here!

In The Game is Playing Your Kid: How to Unplug and Reconnect in the Digital Age, Dr. Joe Dilley shares his profoundly effective three-step process that will facilitate your kids' transition away from overuse of technology and toward more responsible and mindful use, so they unplug from devices and reconnect with your family in organic, lasting ways.


The Game Is Playing Your Kid: How to Unplug and Reconnect in the Digital Age walks parents through three simple steps to break the Electronics Addiction and promote authentic relationships in real time and proximity. Informed by sound behavioral principles developed by psychologists throughout the past century,The Game infuses humor with straightforward guidance for families who need help re-balancing the power in their home. Families everywhere wrestle with legitimate questions about tech use at home, including:

How much gaming is too much? 

What do we do as parents when our kids simply refuse to turn off their devices?

What if my kids sneak their devices at night? 

How do I monitor my child's online activity without "helicoptering" over him? 

My child needs to use a tablet, computer, or the Internet for school, but invariably, she wanders into gaming and social media. Now what?

And are her online "friendships" real in the first place? How do I talk to her about my concern?

My kid seems only to be interested in screen-based activity. How do I motivate him to join in with the rest of the family or at least do something tech-free?

The Game Is Playing Your Kid answers your questions and invites you to play a new game, one in which you return to a position of authority in your home and your kids strike a balance between having fun and fulfilling their responsibilities at home and school. 

April 6
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