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Karen is 18 years old and the pampered and spoiled daughter of a rich man; Mark is 29 and working as a gardener after getting out of the army.

She thinks he's crude and low class; so why does she always sunbathe when he's around? He thinks she's a little tease; so why does he always watch her?

But one day in the billiard room all the teasing is going to stop ...

WARNING! This 4500-word short story contains graphic descriptions of sex acts, dirty talk, oral sex, forced seduction, and reluctant consent, as well as first time anal sex. It is intended to be read only be adults.


He was trying to move between her legs, but she kept squeezing them closed and squirming; he still held her around the waist as she sat on the edge of the pool table, and his face was close to hers now.

She licked her lips and said, “Listen, let me go. This isn’t right. My Daddy will be very angry with both of us.”

“You think so?” he said. “Show me your nipples and I’ll let you go.”


“Show me your nipples or I’ll tell daddy that you were sunbathing naked.”

He tried to pull the strap off her shoulders again and she pulled his hands away.

“Nooooo,” she whined. “You can’t do this,” she said, and kissed him briefly on the lips, an electric hot moment that made him gasp, and then pushed him away. “And you said you can see them already, can’t you?” She leaned back on her arms so that her breasts were better displayed.

“I want to suck your nipples,” he said and began kissing her throat and cleavage.

She tried to push him backwards again. “You can’t! Daddy could get home any minute.”

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Natasha Stevens is a bold and uncompromising new voice in erotica. She is the author of the best-selling JANA'S JOURNEY series. Most of her stories involve older men and authority figures involved with younger woman.

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July 9
Natasha Stevens
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