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A series milestone as we welcome the twentieth amazing entry in the nationally best-selling Liaden Universe® series.

The luck runs rough around Theo Waitley. Not only are people trying to kill her and capture the self-aware intelligent ship Bechimo to whom Theo is bonded, they’re also trying to arrest her crew members, and throw the dignity of an important passenger, the duly-constituted norbear ambassador Hevelin, into question.

No wonder Theo and her crew felt the need of a break, and retired to what Bechimo refers to as "safe space." Unfortunately, safe space may not be so safe, anymore. It seems that things are leaking through from another universe, and another time. In fact, whole spaceships are coming through. One of those ships is a blasted battleship seemingly fleeing a long-lost war. What’s more, its crew may be members of Theo’s ancient ancestral line—her relatives. It’s certain that they are in dire need of help. Theo has a choice to make. It seems that Bechimo’s “safe space” is about to become deadly perilous.

At the publisher’s request, this title is sold without DRM (Digital Rights Management).

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
May 2
Baen Books
Baen Publishing Enterprises

Customer Reviews

SoySage ,


A fantastic addition to this epic story. I am sad that I must wait for the next, but they are always worthwhile.

My suggestion to new readers is to just jump in, you can always read the earlier books as well, and I recommend that you do because they are fantastic, but each book is accessible in and of itself.

GraneeJ ,

The Gathering Edge

Lovingly created characters, imaginative sentients, well paced action in a carefully conceived universe-what more can one ask?

Joaguikatjoanne ,

The Gathering Edge

This series is always a joy to read. Each book is anticipated more than the last. Highly recommended for all to read.

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