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Words like unnatural and impure started the whispers.

From the very beginning, Ivy Blackwood was different. She was only a child when she was accused of setting the fire, one she passively watched engulf the small house she had called home. Her fingertips burned and her hair singed. Some who watched her crossed themselves, convinced she was soulless for she showed no emotion at all. Calm and dispassionate, even when the screaming started that quickly turned to bellows of agony before dying into nothing but the roaring of the fire.

She was locked away where she couldn’t bring harm to herself or others. To all involved, they had protected the world from a monster, but sometimes things are not what they seem.

October 12
L.A. Fiore
Elizabeth Fiore

Customer Reviews

~Mindy Lou~ ,

Fascinating Read!

The cover fits this book perfectly! After reading the book, this cover describes what you are about to dive into with great accuracy.

I really enjoyed this book because of how different it was. It's a PNR book with a touch of a horror movie feel to it. In the beginning it was a little confusing because the author was switching between characters without much explanation. It's a great technique to get the reader to really absorb into the book, to pay attention closely, and to see how everything was going to fit into place.

The further I got into the book, the more fascinated I became, especially in Ivy's character. For everything that she has been through, she was such a sweet and kind woman. It really pulls you to her more because of how she thirsted for knowledge and cared about everyone she was in contact with. I like that the author did not break her after all that she had been through.

The story of Ivy and Bane is one of the ultimate love stories and made for such a sweet ending. I like that there is so much more that can be done with this series. After getting to know quite a few side characters, I'm looking forward to seeing them all get their own book. I'm also looking forward to learning how the author is going to top this one.

I listened to the audiobook and I highly recommend it. Tracy Marks is one of my all time favorite narrators and I get to add a new favorite male narrator to my list. Aaron Shedlock's voice is one of the sexiest male voices I have heard and was so easy to listen too. To top that off, he did such a good job of the female characters. I don't like it when male narrators try to do the high pitch voices for females. I think it is much less jarring when they just change their tone just a bit for the female parts and Aaron did a fantastic job of this.

Wewantmore24 ,

Suspend reality for a bit.

What twists and turns and things I was NOT expecting.

The world as we know it isn't what it seems. We have always thought the supernatural was myth and fairy tale. But it's REAL. From vampires, ghosts, goddesses, Hades, the Devil, demons, and lycans. This story takes place in New Orleans with so many great cast of characters. Each, I hope get their own stories. Ivy is here to save the day. If she remembers how.

I don't want to give anything away.

Tweitz ,

Loved it!

I really loved this book and couldn't put it down. Ivy kept me reading more to find out her story and Bain was super sexy. I enjoyed how humans and the supernatural came together. This was the first book I have read by this author and it will not be my last.

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