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In this book we have...
An honorable hero, a guy who wants to kill the honorable hero, a woman who wants to kill them both, a great and noble quest (cue trumpets), a mythical item, a princess, another princess, an anti-princess, some stolen horses, some people hunting for stolen horses, a shapeshifter (is he a werewolf, a werecat, a wererat, something else entirely), an assortment of princes (13 if you must know), a teleporting evil dude, some sweet telepathy, some not-so-sweet telepathy, some really not-sweet telepathy, kidnapping, a dungeon or two, a whole lot of swordplay (clang clang), more stolen horses (no, you can't just buy a horse), political intrigue, romance (woo-woo!), bromance (woo-hoo!), and enough subplots to plant a plot forest, some of which even get turned into lumber and wrapped up by the end. If any of that interests you, please read The Gauntlet Thrown.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
April 22
XC Publishing
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Vallyrie ,


This wasn’t my first or even second time reading this book, but I never get tired of it. The premise is one we’ve all heard before; an honorable young man on a quest from the princess in order to become the next king, but watching Brydon’s theoretically simple task snowball into an adventure that spans the length and breadth of the continent will keep you on the edge of your seat.

More than anything what sets this story apart for me as an all-time favorite I love to go back to is the “hereditary enemies to best friends” transition between the two lead male characters. It happens so believably over the course of the story that I never saw it coming till it hit me right in the face. The characters are all so unique and distinct in their mannerisms and personalities that I can tell who’s talking just by what they say and how they say it.

If you like tales of high adventure featuring noble quests, swordplay, mysterious powers, near death experiences, capture, escape, romance, heartbreak, and heroism set in a wide and varied world with a diverse cast of contrasting characters including strong independent women, shapeshifters, knight-priests, mercenaries, and an entire country full of “crazy horse people” this book is for you.

As far as I’m concerned you’re getting a book that should be full retail price for absolutely free, the occasional typo notwithstanding. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain by giving this book a try. I have it on my iphone, I have it on my nook, and if there was a hard copy available you can bet I’d have an autographed one the day they hit the shelves. Honestly I could keep going on, but instead of reading this review you SHOULD be reading this book.

Jwhidden ,

The Gauntlet Thrown

Very compelling, the first installment of this series is an action packed and startling view of a new world on the brink of invasion. The main characters begin as disparate enemies and come to form a relationship as strong as the enmity under which they met. I am looking forward to the second work, and hope it contains the same intensity and imagination as the first.
Congratulations Ladies on the beginnings of a wonderful and enlightening series.

J.Whidden, Lake View literature critic.

Rom1956 ,

The gaunlet

Absolutely loved book. Despite the many characters, they all have depth. I enjoyed the Christian parallels & the reality of the cost to fight evil. There was only light references to sex, so tension remained throughout. I admit I feel exhausted as another fight is eminent & ive begun to connect with the characters. What happened to Davin? What connection is there between he & alyn? It makes me want to read on but cannot make purchases now. I'll have to be patient. Thanks for the hard work you put in to entertain me. Needed it pretty bad after loss of my dad & mom, sister & several friends. I guess that's why I connected w/your characters since all had experienced loss. Keep writing, please!

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