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A dating guide for women that applies the practices of the geisha to modern day, The Geisha Secret is what every woman must know if she wants a boyfriend or to be married. The geisha’s time tested methods of attracting men are more relevant than ever because women have lost their touch with men. There are single women everywhere with no viable long-term dating prospects or marriage proposals. Women have lost the art of desirability. The Geisha Secret will show you how to become attractive to men by transforming you into the ideal female companion. You will learn The Rituals, ancient practices of the geisha applied to the modern world, which will change how men perceive you. Men will be intrigued by you, love you, and seek to give you their hearts with the hope of their affection being returned. The Geisha Secret can give you the power to win a man’s heart and forever change your life.

April 10
FassFrankfurt Publishers
Fass & Frankfurt Media, LLC

Customer Reviews

NYCcg ,

Every girl who is single should read this book

I found this book to have really helpful dating tips. I'm a career girl who doesn't have a problem attracting men, but I've been frustrated the last few years because my relationships are short-lived. After reading The Geisha Secret and questioning my girlfriends on the advice given in the book, I'm now realizing I am probably too aggressive with men and I need to allow men to hunt, rather than be the hunter. Normally, I would think this approach is old school, but the book takes a modern spin on traditional dating etiquette and showed me how to still be an independent career girl and attract men. I recommend The Geisha Secret to every girl who is single!

FemJA ,

Beautiful and Inspiring

Every woman will gain from reading this.

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