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Based on the author's experience in treating over 600 gender dysphoric, transgender, individuals over the last 31 years,The Gendered Self is the story of what it’s like to be born into and live out one's life as a transsexual in a cissexual world.

The author starts by showing how the developing brain is genderized in-utero and how that process can go awry leaving affected individuals sex/gender incongruent. Treatment limits and options are discussed followed by several chapters of what post sugery life is like.

Transsexualism is a life long existential dilemma challenging the very nature of psychological survival. Nietzsche famously said "What does not kill you makes you stronger". As the author shows, developing a healthy transsexual identity and going on to live a meaningful life is certainly a testament to all who persist.

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July 20
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Customer Reviews

SarahKEuschen ,

Reality on paper

This book is written about people like me - transgendered - gender diverse people.

The book hit through out all pages episodes of my past and current life. It is written in the most honest way, outlining the reality and the ways of dealing with gender identity issues. It is about what one can expect and has to expect on the way trough transition from one gender to another.

It is fascinating and rewarding to read a book, written on the opposite side of the globe from where I live and still fitting in all concepts and details in to my past and present life, as if the author was me - shocking at first but then very much rewarding.

I found this book to be the most authentic and honest one available, it is also one of the very few if not only the only one, that depicts the problems from or for the transgendered persons view.