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If only Tim Prescott had not cracked the pages of the architectural design magazine that afternoon in March of 2007, his retirement might have proceeded normally. The photo of the Pueblo III-era jar stopped him dead. How is it that a single glimpse of an image in a magazine could change his life forever?

A celebrated National Geographic writer, Prescott spots a distinctive vase he last saw in a magnificent Anasazi ruin in southern Utah almost forty years ago. In 1968, he and photographer Wesley Channing discovered Blood House in Skinned Knee Canyon, a forty-mile trek from Mexican Hat. But between the moment the pair discovered the ruin and their return some weeks later with US government officials, the site had been ransacked, creating a Washington kerfuffle that disgraced the National Geographic Society.

At the moment Prescott saw the vase in the magazine photo spread on the luxury condo owned by a hedge fund millionaire, he knew exactly who betrayed him and who it was that embroiled the National Geographic Society and Prescott himself in that scandal. Prescott and Channing return to work for National Geographic and to confront what happened in an obscure canyon out West—a trip that may have fatal consequences.

In The Geography Lesson, his first new novel in more than twenty years, bestselling author John Buckley returns with a tale that is part adventure story, part love letter by an elderly man to his recently deceased wife, and part deeply funny exploration of the National Geographic Society.

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April 25

Customer Reviews

pzazzaz ,

Multifaceted Entertainment!

Just finished reading Geography Lesson and have to give John Buckley extra credit for writing such an original story - that takes you on an adventurer's journey of a lifetime of discoveries. Buckley creatively tells the story of a National Geographic journalist, Tim Prescott, who struggles with the highs, middles and lows of life through his work, friendships and family - within the backdrop of history and places in the world that still captures one's imagination. Buckley has the uncanny ability to provide a detailed journalistic view of exploration, mystery, relationships, media and politics..but not sacrificing the bigger
lessons of life. Highly recommend that you read it. A wonderfully written and entertaining lesson.

dcisme ,

Engaging, fun, and informative!

Caveat: John is a friend and I am predisposed to wanting to like this. But I am also brutally and dispassionately honest about writing, photography and food.

I thought the book was a great read. It's not meant to be a deep, gut-wrenching and life-changing novel. And it's not. It is an amazingly-clever-but-not-too-cleverly-written book. It challenges from the standpoint of geography, history and vocabulary. For those of us who love the west/southwest it makes us long for dry air and blue sky. It's easy to read and a delight for DC denizens to read about one of our home town organizations.

I highly recommend The Geography Lesson. Full stop.

Hourbb ,

The Geography Lesson

Just finished reading The Geography Lesson. Great book with a surprise ending. The character development was great and I felt like I really got to know them well. The imagery was beautiful. It was an exciting glimpse into what a National Geographic expedition experience would encompass.

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