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I've never been a big fan of watching the news. While I think it's important to stay current on what is happening in our world, I can't help but notice that 90 percent of what we watch on television or read in the newspapers is negative and depressing, constantly projecting the down side of the human spirit. We hear about school shootings, wars, a chronic failing economy, our environment in peril, the rising cost of gasoline and healthcare, and parents and religious leaders who abuse children. I tend to be a person who chooses to see the glass of life as half full, but if I'm being constantly exposed to such sadness, it makes it difficult to keep an optimistic attitude. I know that miracles happen every day, but why don't we hear about them more? If you share the same feelings as I do, let me see what I can do to restore your faith in the goodwill of human nature. Enter Ann McGee, a 60-year-old, former teacher of children with disabilities. Her mission of miracles began in Nevada in 1983 while volunteering to arrange air transport of blood to hospitals. One evening she received a phone call from the father of a seven-year-old boy battling cancer. The boy had an appointment in California with a specialist, but the family couldn't afford the airfare. Imagine coping with the dilemma of having medical care arranged for your critically ill child but not being able to afford the transportation to get to it. "Can you help me?" the boy's father asked. And so it began--a mission of miracles.

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