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Sarah Salas buried her clairvoyance at age six, bowing to her family’s insistence that she become “normal” to fit into society. But the opposite occurred. Sarah’s struggle to suppress her psychic abilities forced her into a lonely, isolated life.

Fifty years later, soon after Sarah accepts an offer too tempting to refuse, as if on cue, her clairvoyance bursts out, compelling her to abandon her safe life and relocate to a secluded house in the North Cascades of Washington State. 

An irresistible psychic pull leads her to a box full of old photographs in the attic. Each photo offers a story to Sarah’s paranormal senses. One by one, the deceased residents of not only her house, but also its twin, the home of her neighbor Conrad Thompson, share a fragmented tapestry of jealousy, incest, and murder. 

As Sarah explores the past, she finds herself irresistibly drawn to Conrad. Alone most of her life, she’s now surrounded by Conrad’s loving family - alive and dead. Only once before did she attempt love but the relationship ended in heartache and humiliation. Unless Conrad can accept Sarah for all she is, history could repeat itself - a disgrace Sarah dares not relive.

About the Author

V. & D. POVALL, also known as "2authors" , are a man and a woman, two minds, two spirits, giving existence to works of fiction. 

A husband-and-wife team - their output includes short screenplays, full-length screenplays, novels, a science-fiction epic, and several nonfiction manuals and articles. 

With rich family backgrounds, the two bring a wealth of experiences and differing points of view to their work. Their ancestry has ties to both Native American tribal groups and European royalty. 

Having lived with and explored different cultures throughout the world, they speak several languages, and bring a rich understanding of human nature to their stories. Their broad spectrum of interests, writing styles, genres, and skills further enrich their tales. Between them they possess a doctorate and years of practical experience in film, television, and theater.

To learn more about V. & D. Povall check out their website www.2authors.com.

Mysteries & Thrillers
December 11
Dragonfly Media
Gatekeeper Press

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