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Grammar is a complex and serious business, but learning it with the right teacher can be a joy.  Enter Cathy Campbell and her The Giggly Grammariculum : A completely hilarious way to teach all the intricacies of English grammar. Composed of over 400 plus funny cartoon slide explanations and reinforced with printable cloud-based quizzes, this very thorough course in grammar is all you need to teach yourself and others grammatical concepts and how to apply them in your writing.  


 Based on the bestselling book Giggly Guide to Grammar, this digital delight offers a more in depth study for your students or yourself. Plug in your iPad to a projector and start teaching.

Volume 1 Grammar includes:

Nouns, pronouns, antecedents, adjectives, determiners, action verbs, linking verbs, verb phrases, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, subject and predicate, complement, direct object, indirect object, subject complements, preposition and appositive phrases, participles and much much more.

“This grammar course has it all. Hilarious line drawings dramatize principles of grammar (hairy monkeys, aardvarks with buck teeth, Milk-Duds-eating squirrels, straggly three-headed cats, and more). Loony bin characters meander through the pages (Aunt Zippy with her frizzy hair; sweet little Domenica who raises earthworms; Matilda in her colorful, eye-catching shower cap that hide her trussed-up tresses; and others too numerous to mention).”

Janice Hall Heck

The silliest, funniest and most thorough grammar guide I have ever seen. 

Barry Lane, author of After THE END: Teaching and Learning Creative Revision

My students absolutely love the wacky sentences and adorable pictures! Grammar is fun to teach and now it's fun to learn!    Tara, 8th grade teacher

The Giggly Guide is a gem! I have bought many books on grammar over the years but the dry, sometimes under explained definitions meant they've sat on my shelf being ignored. The Giggly Guide is humorously written and uses easily understandable explanations and examples.    Elaine ( from Australia)

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April 5
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Grades 4-17

Customer Reviews

Grammar Goon ,

Teach grammar through laughter

This book teachers all aspects of grammar with funny drawings and silly, oddball sentences. Perfect for middle school students and adults who like to learn without knowing it. I was amazed at how much I learned about grammar just on the first leaf through. Printing the quizzes directly from the book was a real plus.