The Girl and the Raven

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She just wants to fit in. But can a gifted teen find her place when she's caught between good and evil?

After the sudden death of her mother, Lucy Walker leaves her small town for a fresh start in the City of Chicago. Lucy hopes life with her uncles will be less dramatic than the one she left behind. But her hopes are quickly turned upside down.

Beginning with a disturbing encounter at the airport, Lucy steps into a world she never imagined. From the discovery that she's half-witch, half-demon, meeting the father she never knew, and run-ins with the mysterious boy who lives in the apartment upstairs, Lucy's new life is not what she expected. And her world becomes even more complicated when the family's treasured raven goes missing.

Persistent attacks from a dangerous stranger temporarily sideline Lucy's search for the beloved family pet. Despite her reluctance to embrace her new gifts, Lucy is forced to team up with her brooding, dark-eyed neighbor to hunt down the truth. But when she discovers the connections between her own history and the secretive boy's true nature, she's thrust headfirst into an ancient battle...where choosing the wrong side could prove fatal.

Will Lucy accept her destined role before the darkness destroys everything she loves?

The Girl and The Raven is the thrilling first installment in The Girl and The Raven YA paranormal romance series. If you like imperfect witches with badass magic, young sorceresses trying to find themselves, and epic clashes between light and dark, then you'll love Pauline Gruber’s enthralling tale.

Readers love The Girl and The Raven!

"This story isn’t one of those cardboard demon stories. It has twists and turns I didn’t see coming." Bonnie Gill

"Let me just get this out. I LOVED THIS BOOK! Everything about it was amazing. Right out of the gate, you are thrown into the story and your emotions are taken for a ride. I was hooked from the first sentence and there was no turning back. The beginning had me on the verge of tears, which rarely happens at the beginning of a book because you are just getting started, but no, this book had me hooked." Ivey Byrd

"I loved this book. I couldn't put it down. Ms. Gruber swept me up into the story with her opening line and kept me until the end. Lucy is a complex and strong heroine. Marcus is a unique and refreshing hero (I don't want to spoil what's so unusual about him)." Samantha MacDouglas

"I really enjoyed this book...In this story, each character is set up with a unique attribute that Lucy takes in stride, and the entire world is painted in a way that sets it up and brings the reader in. From the school she attends to the group of friends she interacts with the story builds a depth and world and relationships that rivals that of Twilight, Harry Potter and other classic young adults." Crystal Wright

"The best part of this book is the uniqueness of it. Witches, demons, gargoyles, and the struggle between good and evil. It's so much fun. It's not something I've read before so I like the change." Katelin Campbell

"Well this one was fantastic! A fast-paced plot with an immensely likable lead character." Heather A.

Young Adult
December 6
Dragonfly Ink, Ltd.
Dragonfly Ink, Ltd.

Customer Reviews

Exotic L lover 😂🙈🙉 ,


This book stole my heart. I wish there where guys like Marcus and Dylan at my school. I have always been so into the devil and angel stuff. And all the supernatural. This book is just all I even needed to fall in love with a book. Hope the other book is as good as this one. I'm sure it will.

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