Book 1 - A Deanna Madden Novel

The Girl in 6E

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Publisher Description

Enter a world equal parts Dexter and 50 Shades of Grey in this first award winning erotic thriller from A.R. Torre!

My life is simple, as long as I follow the rules.

1. Don't leave the apartment. 2. Never let anyone in. 3. Don't kill anyone.

I've obeyed these rules for three years. But rules were made to be broken.

Praise for The Girl in 6E:

“This is a taut, edgy, thrill ride, powerfully gripping and impossible to turn away from." —David Bell, author of Never Come Back and Cemetery Girl
"Dark, edgy, and thrilling in a completely unexpected way." —Lisa Renee Jones, New York Times bestselling author of The Inside Out series
“Torre has written a beautifully warped thriller that will be staying with this reviewer for a long time to come." —RT Book Reviews (Top Pick)

Mysteries & Thrillers
January 21
Hachette Digital, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Kiarra Monique ,

Sucked me right in!

his book started out fast-paced and didn't let up at ALL!

The main character, Deanna/Jessica, was unreliable as all heck and not ashamed to admit it to herself! Which made for a wild, fun read. I also enjoyed seeing the many, many layers of "Jessica's" profession (not posting because it would spoil the book for you). Let's just say, there's some hot, kinky, disgusting stuff involved!

The only reason I'm not giving this book 5 stars is because the ending, well the last 25% of the book, was rushed. The hyper attention to detail that sucked me in for the previous parts of the book was gone.

BUT this is a series, and I've already picked up the next two books, so at least we get to spend more time with Deanna/Jessica! :)

Annmric8 ,

It's mind blowing and extremely intriguing. Very educational.

Jessica is an Internet sex operator. Jessica has not gone outside her apartment in three years. Jessica wants to kill. Jessica goes into detail about her day to day activities via webcam and live chat rooms, and Jeremy the delivery guy dropping packages at her door.
Jessica hides herself from people because she has an urge to kill. She feels safer locking herself inside her apartment. Jeremy the delivery guy grows more persistent to catch a glimpse of her.
Jessica is a very talented and agreeable person. Jessica aims to please. Jessica is clever in her ability to gain new customers. Jessica did her research and expanded her business into a very wealthy enterprise. Jessica Is a top earning web cam girl.
Jessica follows a routine and sticks to a strict schedule. Jessica has two therapist she speaks with and a doctor. Jessica has a system where Jeremy leaves her packages at the door.
Jessica has found a disturbing man on the webcam that wants her to act being a young girl name Annie. Jessica grows Leary of him and researches him on the Internet to gain more personal information about him.
The story describes the different activities Jessica encounters during her webcams. It's very informative, almost so that if you wanted to start your own webcam I'm sure with the information gained from reading this you could achieve success.
Jeremy is growing curious about Jessica. He wants to see her and understand what is wrong with her. Why does she hide?
I find it interesting the types of people who use the webcams. Also it's interesting how many people find comfort in disclosing their secret fetishes. The money does not seem to be an issue for those subscribing. Surprisingly enough, both men and women use these sites. It's more common than we think.
Jessica quiets her own demons with playing out other people's fetishes and desires.
I find the pace of the story intriguing and mysterious. I like how Jessica has to battle with her demons at night when Simon comes to the door wanting his Vicodin. I like Jessica's determination to get better and find a cure for her urges. She seeks help from online therapist whom she speaks with on a weekly basis. She also isolates herself from human contact to prevent temptation.
Jessica is in quite a predicament with one of her clients. She feels there is something off about him but does not want to push him away for fear he will take extreme measures against his fetish.
Interesting revelation to the different types of fetishes and psychosis in the world. This story has really opened my eyes to a world I was so unaware of.
She might have finally found the distraction needed to cure herself of the urges to kill. It's quite exciting to see this transformation play out. Jessica is very calculated in her process for the kill in her dreams.

gcdgjmjxs n ,

Where’s the full book?

This was a good book and I loved the series, however this was not the full book. I bought series only to have to have less than 200 pages (160 to be exact) when there’s supposed to be 352 pages? What is that? The book almost makes no sense at the end.. Deanna sells all her cam equipment and stops being a cam girl only for her to be a cam girl in the second book and in the very first few chapters? This truly baffles me.

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