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The little city of Devondale, Ohio, had shaken off for one night at least the air of aristocratic calm that normally distinguished it from the busy mill towns on its right and left. Elm Avenue, its leading residence street, usually presented at this hour only an effect of watchful trees, dark shrubbery, shaded lamps, and remote domestic peace. Now, however, it had blossomed into a brilliant thoroughfare, full of light, color, and movement, on all of which the December stars winked down as if in intimate understanding.

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January 1
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onlyyourstruly1 ,

Great Book!!

When all goes well with sister Barbara’s wedding, her brother Laurie is finally left to be on his own. With only the watchful eyes of his two best friends, Bangs and Epstein, Laurie decides to take some time for himself. While the two friends are diligently working away, they’ve grown tired of Laurie’s loafing, wanting an ‘adventure’ before coming back to doing his playwrights that he’d come to be so great at.

One day while in his shared apartment with Bangs, Laurie sees in his dressing room mirror a woman, plump and dowdy, as though she’d always been there. Not giving much mind to her, he went about his business of carrying on, and the next day saw a different woman in the same mirror, looking out the window ever so sadly. She was ever so beautiful, he thought. But a few days later, when he’d pass by the mirror, he couldn’t help but charge across the square and up the elevator, breaking down her door. They both stupidly looked at each other, and he told her that ‘this’ wasn’t something she really needed to do. He’d help her, as someone else had helped him.

Well, through out the span of a week, Laurie finds himself caught up in something he’s not quite sure of, and nobody is really telling him much of anything, especially his newly acquired love interest, Ms. Mayo. An adventure it certainly turns out to be!!

I didn’t know what to expect from this book, being that there wasn’t much of a description for it. But I went ahead and started it, thinking I could dump it if I chose to, but I very much enjoyed it, though sometimes it was a bit difficult to decipher. Being written in 1917, Elizabeth Garver Jordan definitely had a psychological thriller in mind, I believe. A good hearted one at that. Aside from a little confusion on the two friends and which one spoke with the accent, I didn’t have any trouble with the characters, the plot was great! I do greatly recommend this book!

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