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Kariss, joint heir to the throne of Brigantia, is the key to Albion's survival. She just doesn't remember yet. To keep her safe when she was a child, the goddess, Cailleach had hidden Kariss far away through time.
Calleach took away her memories and then she waited.

Now, ten years later, Kariss needs to come home. The old king is dying, his heir will be decided at the Midsummer Gathering, Cailleach can wait no longer. Martaani, Kariss’s rival has been raised in Rome, the descendant of Brigantia’s traitor queen. With the Romans’ help, she is determined to win back her ancestor’s throne. The gods had been right to hide Kariss, Martaani will kill anyone who stands in her way. With her priests searching for any sign of Kariss returning, Cailleach's hands are tied. She is forced to keep Kariss half in Albion, and half in her modern hideaway.

The future will be far from easy, Kariss maybe Albion's best hope, but she still has to prove herself. She will need to be strong if she is to stand any chance of enduring all that the gods must put her through.

As both her worlds become increasingly dangerous, Kariss finds herself cut off from everyone and everything she holds dear. There is only one choice left to her, but can she bring herself to go through with it?

If you love historical settings, bold plot lines, and soul-inspiring fantasy, then you're going to love Nelly Harper’s gripping, series starter.e her enemies in both worlds.

Fiction & Literature
December 18
Nelly Harper
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