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‘Absolutely fantastic. I was up until the early hours and I couldn't put it down. I didn't know who to trust and felt on edge all the time. So many twists and turns!’ Fiction Café, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

What was my sister doing standing over Florence’s cot in the middle of the night?

I trust my sister Carrie with my daughter’s life.

But then she’s accused of a terrible crime.

Carrie lives under our roof, she pushes my daughter on the swings, she takes her out for ice cream.

You might ask, why do I let her? Why would I risk my darling baby? How could I let my sister stay?

Because I have a dangerous secret too. One that only Carrie knows about. And if that secret gets out, I could lose my little girl…

A completely gripping rollercoaster of a read about the darkness families hide behind closed doors. Fans of Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train will be hooked on The Girl She Wanted.

Readers are loving The Girl She Wanted:

I love this author!! Every book I’ve read of hers has been thrilling, chilling and exciting right from start to finish.’ Stardust Book Reviews, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

‘The tension and suspense positively sizzled its way throughout the whole book! Great read by a fabulous author! Recommended!!’ Netgalley Reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This was a story that grabbed me by the throat from the get-go and didn't let go when certain revelations come out, you could have knocked me over with a feather… I seriously couldn't get enough of this bookBy the Letter Book Reviews, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  

‘A brilliant, gripping thriller that keeps you reading and wondering until the end. The characters were fantastic, the plot tense and enthralling, and the twists and turns made the book just brilliant. I can't recommend this book enough, another amazing book from K.L. Slater.’ Goodreads Reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

There are not many books that I read in one sitting, but this is one of them. I didn’t want to stop. I highly recommend. Goodreads Reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

‘An excellent domestic thriller! The characters were well drawn and the storyline flowed seamlessly. The mystery kept me guessing until the very end. Highly recommended!’ Goodreads Reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

‘Loved this, as usual. You know what you’re getting with a K.L. Slater and I really wasn't disappointed. Some good twists and turns and as usual an excellent, fast paced, packed read.’ NetGalley Reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Another excellent psychological thriller by one of my favourite authors K.L. Slater. Great characters, addictive plot, suspense and lots of twists and turns. Worcester Source

‘My jaw dropped… hope that everyone is going to enjoy it as much as I did’ NetGalley Reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

‘A wonderful read with great characterization! Suspense Galore!!! Goodreads Reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

‘Things aren't always as they seem in this psychological thriller that has you on the edge of your seat, wondering what happens next!’ Goodreads Reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

‘Wow another fantastic book from this author as usual. So well written, brilliantly addictive and it had me on the edge of my seat from the very first page until the end.’ NetGalley Reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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October 22
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Customer Reviews

sutterfly geek ,

Gloriously twisted! Fantastic thriller!

WOW! The Girl She Wanted exemplifies K.L. Slater at her absolute best! 5 solid glowing stars! Gripping, emotional, intense, and full of unexpected twists...100% incredible! The Girl She Wanted, by K.L. Slater, is so remarkable that it exceeds the thrills and chills of so many authors of her genre. K.L. Slater truly proves herself as a literary genius with her creative character development and masterfully thought out plot. The Girl She Wanted is impossible to put down and will stick with you long after you finish reading. It is an edge of your seat thriller that is full of suspense, mystery, intrigue, and twists! The Girl She Wanted is about one sister’s involvement in two murders and the other sister’s involvement in her own unimaginable saga...and neither sister can claim or prove that they are completely innocent of wrongdoings. The Girl She Wanted will keep you questioning how much omission of the truth is a lie, and at what point a lie becomes a crime.

When Alexa’s sister Carrie becomes the only suspect of two intentional deaths at the hospital where she works, both sisters feel like the world has been ripped out from underneath them. Alexa needs to believe that her sister, Carrie, is innocent because Carrie is the only person who can help her. Carrie is the only person in the world who knows Alexa’s terrible secret. Carrie is the only person who guards that secret as closely as Alexa does, and is the only person who knows how to help Alexa maintain sanity. If Carrie is guilty, then that means that both of their lives will fall apart because Carrie is the glue that holds everything together.

Although Carrie and Alexa have always been close, things weren’t always this extreme. Alexa used to be happy, successful, and self sufficient. That was before the unthinkable happened though. Ever since then she’s always counted on Carrie to help guide her, and Carrie has never let her down. Alexa’s marriage with Perry used to be effortlessly comfortable too, but Perry doesn’t know the truth. The weight of that silence is putting a huge strain on their marriage, but thankfully Carrie is there for her.

After a painful divorce, Carrie’s husband left her with a mountain of debt and no place to live. Alexa welcomed Carrie into her home with her family. After eight months of living with Alexa, her husband Perry, and their 1 year old daughter Florence, their lives have become a predictable routine...until an emergency meeting at the hospital where Carrie works leads her down a dark and sinister path. Carrie quickly becomes the only suspect for the murders of an infant and an elderly man. Alexa is adamant that Carrie didn’t do it, and knows without a shadow of a doubt that Carrie is innocent. When Carrie’s own secrets become entangled with facts about the investigation though, Alexa finds herself wondering how well she really knows her sister. The alarming amount of evidence against Carrie makes it hard to deny guilt, and for the first time ever, Alexa knows she’s not the only one hiding something. Carrie may be the one facing criminal charges, but Alexa has her own inner demons that she’s desperate to keep hidden.

When Alexa’s husband Perry becomes insistent that Carrie move out immediately, Alexa reassures him that Carrie is innocent and that he shouldn’t be worried or upset. Obviously Alexa’s biggest concern is her daughter Florence, but Carrie is practically a second mother to Florence so she knows Carrie would never hurt her. Torn between the loyalty she feels for her sister and the loyalty she feels for her husband, Alexa has to make one of the hardest decisions she ever had to make. Perry makes Alexa promise him ONE thing...after that, none of their lives are ever the same again.

Thank you K.L Slater, Bookouture, and Netgalley for allowing me the privilege of reading The Girl She Wanted. My feedback is voluntary and expresses my honest review and opinions.

Mlawyer112 ,


My Review:
I love, love, love this author so much. Every time I see she has a new book coming out I just have to read it. Her books are my weakness and I will drop everything I have planned so I can finish it in just one sitting. If you have read anything by this author you know what I’m saying is true.

This book is about a sisters bond that can not be broken. One sister is accused of a horrendous act. The other sister trying to clear her name at all costs. But is their love enough? Can their bond be broken? Did her sister really do it? Can she trust her sister? These are some of the questions that are answered by the end of the book.

I want to start off by saying you can never go wrong when you pick up a K.L. Slater book. I’ve read many of her books and none of them disappoint. They are like fine wine, they get better and better over time. The characters really did this book justice. At first I hated the main character Alexa. I thought she was passive and very unsure about herself. She did grow on me as the book progressed. By the end of the book I ended up loving her. She turned into a fearless courageous woman who wouldn’t take any slack from no one. Definitely someone I could look up to. The plot was excellent too!!!!! It was a medical murder mystery with a bunch of surprises for the reader. Normally I’m not that into these types of books but the way the author threw all those twists and turns at you made me a fan. Wow, wow, wow on that ending. I would’ve never guessed what really was going on. It definitely was a pleasant surprise just like opening presents on Christmas morning.

Between the plot, characters and all the twists in this book it made it an easy and fast read. I would definitely recommend it and happily give it 5 Hearts❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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