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Letting go is an art. 

And I am not an artist.

I'm a killer. 

I don't kill for pleasure, though there is some of that. Lady Justice is tantamount to my god. I serve her single-mindedly, but there is no blindfold. I am prejudiced, human...so human.

Would the world be safer with me under lock and key? One less terrorist wreaking havoc. Or more dangerous? One less soldier fighting for justice. 

Blue barked, pulling me from my thoughts. He pushed his large head against my hip, urging me toward the door with a soft whine. Mulberry stood in the hall. 

"I wasn't expecting you," I said. 

He didn't answer, just stepped closer so that our bodies brushed. His face was right above mine, his chin angled down, as I stared at his collarbones. 

He fisted the short locks at the base of my skull and pulled gently so that my chin rose and our lips touched. His kiss was achingly familiar and electrifyingly new. The smell of him brought back memories I was afraid to face. 

The pain of my brother's murder lanced through me; the paleness of his skin, the vivid red of his blood as he died—the gaping wound his loss left in me. 

Everybody I love ends up dead. And not some gentle kiss into the night. They leave this world in violence and suffering; they end in misery.

I couldn't watch Mulberry die. 

But did loving him and denying it hurt more than the grief I feared? 

P.S. The dog does not die.

Beware: If you can't handle a few f-bombs, you can't handle this series.

Mysteries & Thrillers
September 10
Emily Kimelman
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

5sosdirectioner ,

Best Plot Twist Yet!!!!

I received this early ARC for a honest review. Honestly I let this book take me on a journey. There was a combination of stories going on that I felt each was leading me somewhere that stated at one place and knew that the whole thing would be shook up at the end. Sydney and Robert, Sydney and Mulberry, Mulberry and Sandy. I mean wow. Not to leave anyone else out because it was just a lot of feelings going around.

April. I know I didn't like her after all the crap she has done in the past but I am letting her grow on me. Her message is a simple message that is a struggle everyone faces. One that has been a war from the beginning of time. What is our value with god? What should we believe? Very powerful questions. To see April stand up and take charge. I was very proud of her. Even if the Sydney stuff doesn't pan out.

Questions I scream at the book at some point. What the hell is going on with Sydney? Will we find "HER" ? How much Brain damage can this girl have? Mulberry??? really??? I am so ugh. WHAT is Sydney going to do about Mulberry? ( I am kind of glad how it ended now)

As you can see I had a bunch of stuff going on for this book. So many Feelings. I was confused as to how I wanted it to end. I wanted to stop at one point and cry because I knew that the journey I thought we where on had changed and I was scared the ending was going to be worse then any I thought of. I did reread the ending twice because I am up in the air with how I feel. It was a plot twist for sure. I feel going into the next book we will be getting a new life and different growth for Sydney. I am leaving out so much. Yes, you should read this book. You will loose your mind if you don't. Go back and pick up them all and binge read them.

TexasMan39 ,

Great Read!

If you like action packed stories and a dog featured in it, you will love this book!

As for me I have to go download the next book to see the rest of the story!

redsunsetsailor ,

The girl with the gun, awesome story!

This was the best thriller I’ve read this year. The characters were very real and the story was pedal to the metal beginning to end. Kept me up most of the night. Highly recommended.

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