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Join Gayle Gonzales of Pastry Studio blog in her latest adventures in pastry with this vibrant and eclectic collection of 94 recipes that incorporate the influences, aromas and flavors of a world connected.  In The Global Pastry Table, pastries & desserts with international style for the modern kitchen, you’ll be at the intersection of the old and the new, the familiar and the fresh. 

There are plenty of delectable cakes, custards, tarts, cookies, ice cream and other items to enhance your pastry repertoire, such as Torta Caprese, Rum Cake with Spiced Butter Rum Glaze, Maple Custard, Chocolate Walnut Financiers, Spice Route Cookies, Poppy Seed Rugelach, Butterscotch Cream Tart, Brown Sugar Crème Fraiche Ice Cream with Balsamic Syrup, Zabaglione Ice Cream with Coffee Granita and much, much more.  

Whether it’s the satisfaction of chocolate, the mystery of spice, the allure of fresh fruit or the texture of toasted nuts, you’ll find a sumptuous range of flavors to enjoy.  Full color photographs illustrate each enticing recipe and there are bench notes to guide and enrich your experience of preparing irresistibly simple morsels to grace your table.  

Gayle Gonzales is a graduate of Tante Marie’s Professional Pastry program.  She worked in San Francisco Bay Area professional pastry kitchens for 6 years before launching her blog, Pastry Studio, in 2007.  She lives in San Francisco.

Praise for Pastry Studio blog:

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"Drop dead gorgeous photography and write ups that transcend her desserts into works of art."

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“I quite enjoy the straightforward elegance of this blog; the bench notes in each entry contribute to the feel that you are reading the notebook of a talented and meticulous artist.”

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“Enticing photos and a straightforward writing style make this blog easy to navigate and enjoy. Every recipe includes bench notes that lead you to conclude you’ve stumbled upon one talented baker.”

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Gayle Gonzales
Gayle P Gonzales