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In this sequel to Welcome to the Club, Mr. P, the newest member of an exclusive men’s club (for those “who enjoy the Greek side of things”) is tasked with setting up the next quarterly meeting. And by “meeting,” they mean gay orgy. After running into an old college buddy who’s now at the D.O.T., Mr. P is able to rent an aging interstate rest area slated for demolition. On a hot summer evening, the old men’s room will be the site of the first annual members-only glory hole shebang.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

The bus pulled into the interstate rest area, moved past some temporary barricades and stopped in front of the cinderblock building. The sun had just set, and it was a hot and humid night.

“Gentlemen, we have arrived,” I announced on the P.A. system. I stood at the front of the bus. “Please open your packets.”

I gave them a moment.

“Our field trip this evening is to a closed, about-to-be-demolished interstate rest area, as you can see,” I told the bus passengers, who were about to find out exactly what kind of sexual event was in store for them. “Welcome to the first annual, members-only, glory hole shebang.”

All eyes were on me.

“Please be aware, this is perfectly legal. The club rented the facility for the evening. The utilities are turned on. The building, as you’ll see, is a bit shabby, but everything is in working order. The lawn around the building is ours for the evening, too, all the way up to the fence. The first order of business is to undress. This event is not clothing-optional. As you remove your clothing, I’ll fill you in on more details.”

Everyone—about 30 men and a handful of women, significant others who had volunteered to help---started to undress.

“Your packet includes condoms, lubricants, a pair of disposable slippers and a card with a number between one and twelve. Even numbers indicate a men’s room stall—there are a dozen—where a glory hole has been cut at waist level.

“Odd numbers indicate the stalls next to the even-numbered stalls. Those with odd numbers will go to those stalls, where you will find an occupied glory hole.

“After thirty minutes, our volunteers will make an announcement. You will exit your stall and take a number—if you were an odd number, take an even number or vice-versa, and proceed to your new stall.

“In the lobby there will be cold drinks and old black and white pornography for your viewing pleasure.

“Any questions? It’s almost nine p.m. now. We plan to leave before eleven, which should give everyone time to both pleasure and be pleasured."

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April 21
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