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The Christian life is based upon the irrevocable promises of God, the enjoyment of all that God has prepared for us in Christ, and the transformation that results from the loving discipline of the Spirit. In The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob Watchman Nee draws upon the experiences of the Old Testament patriarchs and presents their lives as an allegory of the complete Christian experience. From our response to God's promises by faith to our ultimate transformation into sons who are conformed to the image of Christ, we must pass through the same life experiences of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Like Abraham, we have been given the promise of God for the inheritance; like Isaac, we can enjoy all that God has planned for us in Christ His Son; and like Jacob, we must experience the discipline of the Holy Spirit for the sake of our growth and transformation.

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Customer Reviews

Joseph Bang ,

Outstanding book regarding the experience of a Christian

Every Christian must come to know the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. That’s not just a catchphrase the Jews and the Lord Jesus used. In this book, Brother Watchman Nee fully unpacks the vast and rich experience that each of those three men went through. They reveal what God would like us pass through.

Handbellninja ,

The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Joseph

Outstanding! This author made it so clear as to God's desire to have His children live through the experiences of Abraham, Isaac, and Joseph. The experiences of all three men are required for our complete transformation. This is a must read could not put it down!

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