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<h2>Is stress testing your faith? Discover timeless truths to guide you towards God’s divine comfort.</h2><p>Are you too burdened to enjoy your blessings? Are you trying to find your way back to God? Struggling to keep your feet on solid ground in an ever-changing culture? Minister, entrepreneur, and speaker Bob Gassman travels the globe to help others accept God’s promise of peace. And now his book will show you how to receive the serenity that is found by casting your cares on the one who loves you.</p><p>The God Place: Finding Peace And Enjoying Life In A Stressful World is your guide to be rescued from the pressure, pain, and worry of modern living. Through practical insights and scriptural foundations, author Bob Gassman shares timeless truths for overcoming your troubles. By taking simple steps to deepen your relationship with the Creator of heaven and earth, you will find the strength you need to achieve lasting tranquility and connect with your true purpose.</p><h3>In The God Place, you will discover:</h3><ul><li>Age-old principles that promises amazing results to transform your stress into peace</li><li>A straightforward approach to freeing your mind from overwhelming fear</li><li>Everyday strategies to embrace your heavenly grace and make the most of God’s gift of life</li><li>Why worldly coping mechanisms and temporary solutions are not the answer</li><li>Down-to-earth observations, scriptural support, refreshing encouragement, and much, much more!</li></ul><p>The God Place is your rejuvenating guidebook for reclaiming and reviving your restful spirit. If you like clear actions, faith-based answers, and patient guidance, then you will love Bob Gassman’s enlightening resource.</p><h2>Buy The God Place to restore harmony to your soul today!</h2>

Religion & Spirituality
November 21
The God Place, Inc
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