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The jungle city of Bassakesh holds the keys to the future of the Vreski Empire; it is the sole source of the valuable Vedegga dye.

Delesse, the Governor's daughter, is marrying Loken, heir to one of the most powerful Clans in the Empire.

When plague disrupts the wedding plans, Delesse, with her friends, has to fight to save the city, punish its enemies, and marry the man she loves.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 17
Rik Roots
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Lordbiffles ,

A great, meandering stroll through the jungle

A great, meandering stroll through the jungle, complete with wildcats, dangerous trees, and dragons.

I was a bit skeptical when it came to the beginning of this book, the forward, but I was immediately put right by the beginning of the story. It centers around a conflict between the Servants and the Tall Ones, the latter the ruling class of courtiers, Lords and Ladies.

From the start I was entranced by the beauty of the storytelling, the clear and unmistakable voices of the various, well-written characters, the setting with its Machiavellian political machinations and Byzantine social structure. Tuuke was my favorite character, and probably the author's as well. Perhaps I presume too much.

My only gripe was with the setup of the world. In the beginning, with its dusty streets and open markets, seemed a sort of high fantasy setting (in the jungle). Fast forward over a hundred pages, and here comes steam driven machines and electric lights! Even later on, we have guns! We need mention of this before the halfway point in the book.

Overall, I give this book five stars for aspects I don't often see in Smashwords books: great formatting, clear and powerful storytelling, a complete story (no breaking it into parts and tacking on TO BE CONTINUED), for drawing me in and making me care about the characters, and for having a great vision. The thematic elements, of views on life and death, of upper versus lower class, only slowed down the story in one tiny place and really, if that's the biggest problem with a book on Smashwords, it deserves six stars. Mostly those thematic elements held the story together exceedingly well.

Last note: there were two character names that got stuck in my teeth, and no matter how I tried to wiggle my brain, I couldn't dislodge them. Most of the names were just fine. But these two were main characters, and it was very distracting at times to read those unpronounceable names over and over and over again.

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