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Christmas Hero

Children love heroes because they help others. During the Golden Era, aka 1950s, children thought of policemen, firemen, soldiers, doctors, etc. as their heroes. When asked what they wanted to be when they grew up, their response would be one of those. The children of Annanhem are no different. They live a life of freedom with very little concern about the dreaded “evil scientist” who is out to destroy or take over the world. They think more about defeating Communism specifically in Korea, bank robbers, and disease. They admire and trust the doctors, soldiers, policemen, and firemen in their town to right wrongs and to save lives. 

Christmas Hospitality

Marion delights in being back in Annanhem. She spent most of her childhood summers there and made great friends. She never dreamed she would be working as the librarian. When unexpected visitors arrive early one morning, she offers them what they really need the most, hospitality. When Pastor Robert Stephenson discovers her gift, he is enthralled. Will it be possible to capture her attention and make her his permanent hostess only in a more personal way?

Christmas Hopes

Tragedy led Sarah to her mother in Annanhem. Hired to teach junior and senior English classes, Sarah works to learn the names of everyone in town. After being in town just a month, Sarah has a run-in with the new doctor Abraham Hollinsworth, who literally knocks her of her feet. Finding out she is a married woman, Abraham finds himself in desperate straits and doubting his understanding of where he felt sure God was leading him. Mystery surrounds Sarah, but Abe, somewhat of a mystery himself, takes on the task of helping to solve the mystery. Will they find their hopes fulfilled?

Religion & Spirituality
December 11
Covenant Books, Inc.
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