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A timeless investment guide that reveals how to consistently earn market-beating returns while reducing risk

What every investor needs is a battle-tested strategy that embraces the uncertainty of financial markets-and life in general. One that will yield market-beating portfolio returns in both good times and bad. The Gone Fishin' Portfolio shows you what that strategy is, how it works, and why you should begin using it immediately.

The innovative approach outlined throughout these pages will help investors enjoy a notably high probability of success by using an investment strategy based on the notion that nobody knows what the market is likely to do next, which, in effect, allows investors to capitalize on uncertainty.
Details one of the safest and simplest ways to reach your long-term financial goals, and explores the financial and psychological challenges you're likely to face in the years ahead The "Gone Fishin' Portfolio" is based on a Nobel Prize-winning investment strategy that takes just twenty minutes to implement Discusses the relationship between risk and reward in financial markets, and reveals how the investment industry really works
The Gone Fishin' Portfolio will allow you to reach your most important investment goals, beat Wall Street at its own game, and achieve the financial independence you deserve.

Business & Personal Finance
September 16
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Customer Reviews

CR from CA ,

We're ready now

After reading this book, my husband and I, having retired four years ago, are now ready to take control of our retirement funds. No more broker fees. No more second guessing and fear. We have learned how to trade actively with some "Mad Money" using Jim Cramer's lessons. Now we feel very confident to invest our "serious money" for the long haul using the Gone Fishin' portfolio. Thank you so much for this clear, thoughtful book.

skypilot1234 ,

How about a target fund?

The Gone Fishin' Portfolio could be replaced by a Target fund such as the the Vanguard Retirement Target 2020 fund and achieve diversification, low cost, asset allocation, and rebalancing on auto pilot.

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