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Hosts of the award-winning Whine Down podcast, Jana Kramer and Michael Caussin explore the raw and real moments of their marriage—what it means to love, to fight, and to sincerely forgive—with spiritual guidance and practical advice for anyone seeking stronger, more fulfilling love.

From the beginning, Mike and Jana had the kind of everyday arguments that drive even the happiest couples apart. Money, careers, insecurity, jealousy...And then kids, infidelity, addiction, and growing walls around their individual hearts. Many people would have separated. But Jana and Mike discovered something invaluable: While fighting under the worst possible circumstances, they learned how to fight for each other with respect, kindness, humor, and faith.

The Good Fight reveals how one couple decided to honor their forever love by battling it out and staying together, told from both sides. With honesty, warmth, and hilarity, Jana and Mike walk us through the details of the most complicated fights of their past. They show readers how they've communicated, prayed, forgiven, and radically embraced each other to live their happiest, most fulfilling lives possible, and offer lessons anyone—married, dating, single—can use to give and receive lasting love.

September 22

Customer Reviews

Jsuttersab ,

Better than I could have imagined

This book has done more already for me than therapy has! It’s raw and real and amazing!

Vickyblevs ,

Not bad!

Kind of a dry read, Not to much personality or clever articulation like I typically like from my books (& a lot of swearing, but that’s a personal opinion and it’s what’s authentic to them then cool!) but it’s NOT BAD because I did get practical information on how to strengthen my marriage and it was refreshing to see how others have struggled in the same way we have

SpecVSnowman ,

Thank you for your story of hope!

My wife and I are currently fighting to save our marriage.

I have struggled with sex addiction for the past 11 years and it was a bombshell that rocked our relationship to the core. We have two small kids like you and therapy is in the beginning phases. It is easy to lose hope but, I saw your interview on the ‘Today’ show and I couldn’t believe it. Your story, it was so eerily close to mine, it was like God was speaking to me. I have been reading this book non-stop for the past 24 hours and it has truly given me hope. I love how real you two are as a couple and I am happy for your success. I have hope that I can beat this addiction and I will save my marriage. Thank you for sharing your story!