The Good Life Blueprint Series: Volume 1-3

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Optimize Your Life, Realize Your Potential & Maximize Your Success!

What if you could create habits that last a lifetime? What if you could achieve anything you set your mind to? What if you could routinely make smart decisions?

Mental trainer and author Patrik Edblad has helped tens of thousands of readers to live better lives. The Good Life Blueprint Series contains all of his best-selling books:

The Habit Blueprint: 15 Simple Steps to Transform Your Life

In this book, you'll discover:

The neurological loop that drives your behaviors (and how to make it work for you).

How to get yourself hooked on your habits.

A simple strategy to make you 2–3 times more likely to follow through every day.

How to prevent yourself from falling for "mental loopholes".

How to limit the damage when you have a setback.

And many more strategies to easily create lasting habits.

The Self-Discipline Blueprint: A Simple Guide to Beat Procrastination, Achieve Your Goals, and Get the Life You Want

In this book, you'll discover:

The four fundamental "keystone habits" of self-discipline.

How to change your mindset to cultivate success.

How to establish your mission in life using The Hedgehog Concept.

How to find your unique "why" using The Golden Circle.

How to get laser-focused on the right things by defining your Circle of Competence.

How to biologically reshape your mind and body for success by creating a Winner Effect.

Several research-backed strategies to radically transform your behavior.

The Decision-Making Blueprint: A Simple Guide to Better Choices in Life and Work

In this book, you'll discover:

The cognitive biases that distort your thinking, and how to counteract them.

The logical fallacies that derail your judgment, and how to prevent them.

The mental models you need to equip your mind with to make great decisions.

COMPLEMENTARY BONUSES: Each book comes with a FREE companion resource you can use to easily apply everything you learn.

Get The Good Life Blueprint Series NOW to optimize your life, realize your potential, and maximize your success!

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November 21
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