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"Noam Shpancer portrays the oft-hidden world of psychotherapy with unparalleled authenticity, compassion, and wit . . . An astonishing debut."—Jonathan Kellerman

Noam Shpancer's stunning debut novel opens as a psychologist reluctantly takes on a new client—an exotic dancer whose severe anxiety is keeping her from the stage. The psychologist, a solitary professional who also teaches a lively night class, helps the client confront her fears. But as treatment unfolds, her struggles and secrets begin to radiate onto his life, upsetting the precarious balance in his unresolved relationship with Nina, a married former colleague with whom he has a child—a child he has never met. As the shell of his detachment begins to crack, he suddenly finds himself too deeply involved, the boundary lines between professional and personal, between help and harm, blurring dangerously.

With its wonderfully distinctive narrative voice, rich with humor and humanity, The Good Psychologist leads the reader on a journey into the heart of the therapy process and beyond, examining some of the fundamental questions of the soul: to move or be still; to defy or obey; to let go or hold on.

Fiction & Literature
August 3
Henry Holt and Co.

Customer Reviews

BlochHed ,

Fascinating and distinctive

This was a fun and easy read, but with themes and ideas that were provocative. I will be thinking about it for a long time. In an odd sort of way, and almost by accident perhaps, I would almost characterize this as magical realism - the language is almost surreal in it's clarity and clipped tones.

Highly recommended!

Alexander Hurlebaus ,


I don't know who initially red this book one star, but there were obviously 4 years old and unable to read. This was an outstanding book. The dialogue is accessible and intriguing. The back and forth between the two psychologist is secretive and sensual. Great book.

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