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Autumn Chase is painfully aware grief is a beast that won’t be chased off before it’s ready to leave. When an icy road and a dark night leave her a young widow, she’s forced to trade in her perfectly planned future for the unknown.  Like a child hiding from a monster, she pulls her covers up over her head with the intention of sheltering herself forever. But once an unexpected stranger shows up on her doorstep, Autumn has to choose between being alone or connecting with someone who is hurting as badly as she is.

Noah Key, an emergency room doctor, has solemnly informed countless families that their loved one could not be saved. However, when his own wife dies suddenly there are no words to bring him comfort. His in-laws want him to fall to pieces to confirm his love for his late wife. His colleagues want him to take time off to grieve. The only thing Noah wants is to work enough hours in the day to forget his wife is gone. He’s written himself a prescription for a cocktail of distraction and exhaustion in order to trick his brain into thinking his life isn’t in shambles. 

When the world keeps moving on without them, Noah and Autumn will need to decide if they’ll survive the storm or allow themselves to be swept away by it.

Fiction & Literature
August 6
Danielle Stewart
Danielle Stewart

Customer Reviews

Loved the book!! ,

The GoodByeStorm

Great Read

5sonz ,

Very good!

This was a very gripping emotion filled story. The kind of book that is only put down when the last page is finished.
I plan to read the others from this author.

1 Banker ,

An emotional but satisfying read

I hate to say that I enjoyed this book because the core of this story is one of loss & the incredible sorrow of having to learn to live again. The primary characters have each lost a spouse in a horrible car accident. But there is also the loss of childhood to a mother lost in her own mental illness. Each person has to learn to look beyond their own pain & help each other through the worst life can & has thrown at them. It’s a very good book that grabs you immediately & doesn’t turn loose even after the last page has been read.

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