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In 2050, man’s neglect of his environment, and his preoccupation with digital technology has led to social chaos, civil war, and the mass extinction of wild animals. Smart-phones, occupy the average person’s focus to the point of obsession, and people are no longer trusted to operate an automobile, and the responsibility is completely turned over to autonomous smart-cars, which blaze the trail to the acceptance of autonomous androids for use in the home and workplace.

James Dodd becomes one of the richest men in the world, responsible for creating the android known as the Synthetic Artificial Man, capable of doing anything people can do, only faster and better. The manufacturing, and selling of the S.A.M. Units, put millions of people out of work, and Dodd is forced into hiding by extremist’s threats of death and violence.

Jeffrey Action has spent his entire life protecting the last lion prides, and animals of the Serengeti Plain, of Tanzania. But the illicit practices of poachers, force Jeffrey to refocus his efforts to save lions, away from Africa to the High Valley Pass Zoo, in Colorado.

Jeffrey working along side Dr. Champion, the Executive Head Zoo Keeper, and Dr. Elizabeth Care, the Chief of Veterinary Medicine, also known as the 'Doc', together raise the High Valley Pass Zoo to a pinnacle of success, maintaining animal species now extinct in the wild in the year 2050.

Big Boy, the alpha silver back to the last remaining mountain gorilla troop, is held in captivity at the High Valley Pass Zoo, along with his family. Trained by the Doc, Big Boy and his troop are capable of sign language, and can communicate with people, and each other. The gorillas along with all the other zoo animals are the top priority for the three zookeepers, as civil war threatens the entire zoo population of animals, and in some cases the last remaining individuals of an entire species.

Dr. Champion, Jeffrey, and the Doc, must choose between the lives of the zoo animals, Big Boy’s gorilla troop, and their careers and conscious, as violence spreads towards the city of High Valley Pass, Colorado. Evacuations of the city will leave no staff to care for the zoo animals, which will be left behind to die of neglect, starvation, and the ravages of war, unless the Zoo Board of Directors comes up with a plan.

Dr. Champion, Jeffrey, and the Doc, are not in agreement when the Zoo Board makes their final decision, and they make a difficult choice. Rather than following the Zoo Board of Director’s order to have the animals euthanized. The zookeepers conspire with zoo staff, and transport the animals north, setting them free into a large protected valley surrounded by tall mountain peaks.

Sent to federal prison for their crimes, years pass with Jeffrey, and the Doc, wondering if Big Boy’s gorilla troop survived the rugged mountain valley of North Western Colorado, with a jet fighter pilot holding the key to their questions.

The gorillas face the challenges of nature including; weather, foraging, and predators, to keep their kind surviving, when the primates discover an unexpected ally in their fight for survival.
Ironically the same digital technology that led to societies’ break down and social chaos is also responsible for the salvation of Big Boy, and his troop. Dodd unwittingly also provides humanity a second chance at survival when the worst man made disaster imaginable is realized, after which a long hidden inhabitant of the earth makes their presence known.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
December 16
G. Chambers Bowers
Smashwords, Inc.

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