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The Gospel of Thomas. Video Enriched Edition By Das Abra and Nicholas Perrin

Welcome to the video enriched ebook edition of The Gospel of Thomas with easy to play video scenes of all the Sayings of Jesus integrated within the text. Read as you go and with one touch instantly bring the text alive with an audio visual film clip of the Saying of interest. Professionally filmed with professional actors and enhanced with new levels of interactivity, there has never been a better way to read, view and enjoy this Gospel. 

The Gospel of Thomas formed part of a collection of Gnostic (Gnosis, Gk. Knowing, act of knowing) Coptic Texts discovered in 1945 near Nag Hammadi in Egypt. Although The Gospel of Thomas is not included as part of the New Testament it is regarded by some as the ‘Fifth Gospel.’ Unusually, as compared with the four canonical gospels, Thomas is not a narrative account of the life of Jesus, but a collection of short dialogues and sayings, 114 in total, that are attributed to Jesus. It is considered by most scholars to contain some of the earliest known recorded sayings of Jesus and is one of the most controversial, enigmatic and studied of Gospels and was used as the basis for the feature film ‘Stigmata.’ 

There are many translations of the Gospels and no two read alike. This disturbs many Christians since they believe that their salvation depends upon the correct interpretation of the truth and want to know which is the most reliable translation that has the least bias. 

As a result many translations can be discounted. However, in reference to the Gospel of Thomas, it should be recognised that Coptic words do not have a direct correspondence with English words in terms of their meaning nor the same sentence structure nor style. Therefore, bias does not necessarily enter into it and as such there is room for legitimate variation in translation, provided that each translation is truthful. However it is crucially important that the translation is as accurately meaningful to the source text as is possible and accomplished by an acknowledged scholar in their field of expertise. 

As a neutral investigator and the presenter I have diligently sought ‘truth in translation’ by selecting what is, in my opinion, one of the the most reliable and accurate, yet individually distinctive translation of the Coptic Gospel of Thomas by Nicholas Perrin, an internationally recognised expert in the study and translation of ancient texts. This translation can also be found in his book: 

Perrin (2002) – Nicholas Perrin, Thomas and Tatian, the Relationship between the Gospel of Thomas and the Diatessaron. 

Especial thanks to Nicholas for allowing the use of his most respected translation and to the pioneers Qmorphic for providing their technology and enabling resources for this new type of presentation and Apple for this new platform with which to learn and enjoy. Wonderful! 

Das Abra

Religion & Spirituality
January 21
Qmorphic Corporation
David Anthony Shaw Abram

Customer Reviews

Danny1293 ,


Not bad at all, some of the pages we're repetitive and others were not. The story line video per page was a nice touch.

Nogoodnicknamesleft:( ,

You get what you pay for

This is the first book I read/ listened to in the iBooks store. Their is videos and quotes on each page the videos glitch and you can hear the quotes being played from other pages in the book. Im on page 30 and so far it's basically just a compilation of a bunch of quotes. I can't understand the meaning of the book in general. I guess I got what I payed for though. Whats better than free! Props to the actors though their facial expressions where truly genuine for a book of this magnitude. I did like the calming music in the background.

Chuyestrada ,

the gospel of Thomas

love it,, it's hard to find meaning on some of the saying,, we should meditate upon them!