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The gospel is the good news that through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, people who believe in and receive Him into their lives are given eternal life. Sin is forgiven, death is reversed and the grave is conquered. And once you've believed and experienced the transforming power of the gospel--it is hard to keep quiet. In fact, your life is now filled with the Holy Spirit. Christ now lives in you, and through you He seeks to proclaim this message of good news to everyone.

Hopefully, in our time together over the next six weeks, as we engage God's Word in the Sunday messages, go deeper in the daily devotionals and in our times of interaction in our small groups, God will empower us with His Holy Spirit to live out the gospel and impact the world like the early Christians who "never stopped teaching and proclaiming the good news that Jesus is the Messiah."

The Gospel small group discipleship campaign consists of three equally important parts: (1) the weekly sermon, (2) the workbook study material, and (3) the weekly small group meeting.

The workbook contains six weeks' worth of daily devotional material thematically related to each of the campaign's six subjects. In the workbook each week's material is comprised of (1) an introductory devotion presenting the main theme of the week, (2) five daily devotions with application questions, and (3) a Memory Verse. Between each week's material are included blank Note Pages. There is also a pocket attached to the inside of the back cover for keeping weekly sermon outlines and any other loose papers you may want to keep with your workbook.

For those participating in a campaign small group, you will get the most out of your time at the weekly group meetings if you listen to the previous Sunday's sermon and complete that week's workbook material before attending your weekly small group meeting. If you are not able to attend the worship service, each week's sermon is available on the web at goldenhills.org.

We trust you will find this workbook an effective tool as you Live the Good News of Jesus Christ.

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January 1
Golden Hills Community Church
Golden Hills Community Church