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From Reader's Favorite Reviews:
The Gothic Shift is a macabre collection of four darkly twisted novellas that are sure to intrigue, thrill, and spook even the bravest reader. Reminiscent of classic Gothic horror stories by the likes of Edgar Allan Poe, it is Bruns' style of writing that is most pleasing.  

“I found this book to be an extreme delight. Bruns builds each piece with subtle tension rather than in your face horror. But do not misunderstand that statement, the horror is very real. Do yourself a favor and pick this one up.”
 —Horror Novel Reviews

"Atmosphere defines Bruns' Gothic Shift. I enjoyed the subtleties of this collection. The stories in this volume are little nibbles at the edges of your mind. Recommended."

“A juicy collection of stories, with some great character development and a lot of original ideas. Recommended!”
—Horror After Dark

“This man has seen it all!” - Deborah Roberts, ABC 20/20

“Bruns' prose … proves his steady and deliberate writing voice.” - Writer’s Digest

“Bruns has tension building down to an art form. I was squirming in my seat to find out what would happen in the end." - Reader’s Favorite Reviews

“Bruns... creates well-imagined, realistic settings for his lively characters.” - Kirkus Reviews


“Bruns has created a brilliant novel here.  He mixes horror, love story, and detailed descriptions of a beautiful historical setting with a perfect balance.” - Critical Blast

"This is old-school horror like H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe. It scared the bee-jeezus out of me." - Revolution SF

“This story is a good, scary, Gothic style, keep the lights on all night, haunting story. Bruns has started slow and built up the creepy sensation to a bursting point. The war hero trying desperately to save his younger sister from the evil. The young fisherman fighting to save the girl he loves. The priest who knows the secret but is unable to tell.” - Reader Review

“Great character development and a lot of original ideas. Recommended!” - Horror After Dark

“The descriptions in the book were fantastic, and made me feel like I was actually in 19th century Italy. The village of Amalfi came to life for me, along with its characters.” - Reader Review

“I loved Grapaldi, who Giuseppe thinks of as a troll living in the darkness beneath the mill. Blind and ancient in years he's wise and perceptive, bringing light to the mystery that haunts the Apuzzo family.” - Reader Review

"Subtle terror. A suspenseful, interesting book. Recommended." -Readfulthings

"Solidly based on psychological horror: as such, it provides a powerful blend of images and experiences that rely on well-developed protagonists and settings steeped in historical background and different acts of courage. Literary fans of the horror genre will find it an absorbing story that sacrifices light predictability for depth and solid development, making In the House of Leviathan a standout." -Midwest Book Review

"The setting is highly visible and visceral. In the House of Leviathan has an almost Lovecraftian air to it. I felt as though I could see and feel everything very clearly in my mind’s eye. I found the paper mill processes highly fascinating, and enjoyed seeing the sort of village that emerges in such a region. The town and its people were fascinating, and–it just works. I love it." -Errant Dreams

"Bruns is devoted to remaining true to the core pillars of horror." - Downtown Magazine

“[Bruns] spends time crafting the setting without making you feel weighed down with description. His deft hand likely stems from his years as a travel writer.” - The Wicked Library (UK)

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January 11
Brian David Bruns
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