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In 2013, the first of three novels was released that depicted a quiet and bleak ending of mankind. 'The Man Who Watched The World End' provided a gradual and inevitable extinction without fighting or action, only people growing old and witnessing each aspect of society slowly fade away around them. Readers loved the personal and introspective take on the end of the world, and the following year 'A Different Alchemy' provided readers with another story set in the Great De-evolution. The third apocalyptic novel, 'The Hauntings of Playing God,' offers a final story of one person struggling to survive as the human population has disappeared around her.

For the first time, The Complete Collection presents all three Great De-evolution books in one volume. Be warned, these are not stories for people who need action sequences or pretty endings. But if you love introspective, reflective stories or want a different take on the end of mankind, these stories are for you.

Critical acclaim for the Great De-evolution books:
"One of the best dystopian series to come out in a long time." - Three Cats and a Girl

"[Dietzel] has accomplished something remarkable: he really has written a book that is one of a kind." -- Nancy Roberts

"All I can say is trust me and give this book a read." -- The Lazy Book Reviewer

"A true wakeup call to everyone... One powerful novel." -- Fran Lewis - Just Reviews

"Dystopian in focus yet incredibly human in its exploration and atmosphere... This is a book, a work, worthy of each and every one of those 5 star reviews." -- Mack Meijers - Authors on the Air

"One of the best books I have ever read... Plays on one of our deepest fears, something we all know will happen one day." -- Terry Reid - The Four Corners of Santerria

"A highly addictive book... A must read for everyone." - The Reading Room

"Highest possible rating." -- OnlineBookClub.org

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
April 10
Chris Dietzel
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