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A CNN political analyst and a Republican strategist reframe the discussion of the “Trump voter” to answer the question, What’s next?
NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY FOREIGN AFFAIRS • “Unlike most retellings of the 2016 election, The Great Revolt provides a cohesive, non-wild-eyed argument about where the Republican Party could be headed.”—The Atlantic
 Political experts were wrong about the 2016 election and they continue to blow it, predicting the coming demise of the president without pausing to consider the durability of the winds that swept him into office.

Salena Zito and Brad Todd have traveled over 27,000 miles of country roads to interview more than three hundred Trump voters in ten swing counties. What emerges is a group of citizens who span job descriptions, income brackets, education levels, and party allegiances, united by their desire to be part of a movement larger than themselves. They want to put pragmatism before ideology, put localism before globalism, and demand the respect they deserve from Washington.

The 2016 election signaled a realignment in American politics that will outlast any one president. Zito and Todd reframe the discussion of the “Trump voter” to answer the question, What’s next?

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November 12
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Big Shows ,

Real Election 2016 Analysis

This book is a political game changer. Much like the 2016 election, failure to digest the outcome is to the peril of all analysts, pundits, and their preferred candidates. The book is full of statistics and facts that show exactly why Hillary Clinton lost the election to Donal Trump. This is a must read for those who want to be intellectually honest when speaking about the results of the 2016 election.

paulacarver ,

Hindsight 2016 Election

Detailed, first person accounts of those that voted for Obama and Trump.

quaildogs ,

A Must Read

A must read for anyone desiring an honest and objective explanation/understanding of the 2016 presidential election.