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The Great Salvation

Thomas Williams, Welsh Christadelphian who emigrated to America and became editor of the Advocate magazine of the Unamended Christadelphians (1847-1913)

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Table of Contents

- About This Book

- Part One. What It Is And How To Obtain It.

- It Does Make A Difference What We Believe

- There Is Only One Gospel That Will Save

- We Must Believe In The True God

- God Is Not A Trinity Of Persons, But One God

- Jesus Christ - Son Of God By Begettal, Son Of Man By Birth

- The Holy Spirit Not A Person, But The Effluence Proceeding From God.

- The Nature Of Man - Mortal, A Creature Of The Dust

- Man Dies, And Is Dead After He Has Died

- In Death Man Is Unconscious

- Resurrection The Means Of Future Life For The Dead

- Immortality The Gift Of God To The Righteous Only

- Life As Now Possessed Is Not Eternal, But A Vapor That Soon Passeth Away

- Everlasting Life Not A Present Possession, But A Matter Of Hope

- The Wicked And Depraved Who Are Not Amenable Die And Remain Dead

- The Wicked Who Are Responsible Of The Dead And Living Will Be Destroyed After Judgment

- The Soul Not Immortal, But Is The Mortal, Bodily Being Called Man

- Many Learned Men Deny The Immortality Of The Soul

- The Spirit Of Man Not An Immortal Entity, But The Word Is Used For Life, Mind And Disposition

- Immortality Is God's Holy Nature; The Word "immortal" Is Never Applied To Man In His Present State

- Eternal Life Is Not A Present Actual Possession, But Is Promised To The Righteous Only

- The Wicked Will Not Be Preserved Alive In Torture, But Will Be Destroyed

- Hell As Employed In The Bible Does Not Mean A Place Of Eternal Torture, But The Grave And Gehenna

- The Devil Is Not A Personal Monster Dwelling In Hell And Yet Everywhere Present Tempting All Men, But Is Sin In The Flesh

- Part Two

- God Has Promised To Bless And Fill The Earth With His Glory

- The Earth Is To Be The Everlasting Inheritance Of The Righteous Not Heaven

- The Gospel As Embraced In The Promises To Abraham, Isaac And Jacob

- The Promises To Abraham Have Never Been Fulfilled

- The Seed In Whom The Abrahamic Promises Are To Be Fulfilled Is Christ

- God Covenanted With David To Establish A Universal, Glorious And Everlasting Kingdom On Earth

- The Covenant With David Will Be Fulfilled In Christ's Possession Of David's Restored Throne

- The Fulfillment Of The Covenants With Abraham And David Involves The Restoration Of The Twelve Tribes Under Christ.

- There Will Be A Personal And Literal Return Of Christ To The Earth

- Part Three. What Must I Do To Be Saved

- In Christ Only Can We Obtain Redemption

- Baptism Is One Of The Conditions Of Salvation

- It Is Our Duty After Baptism To Obey The Commandments Of Christ

- Part Four. Objections Answered

- Part Five. Who Will Meet The Lord In The Air

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