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Do you ever have conflicting feelings about your relationship? Have you noticed patterns in your relationships you'd like to change? Do you sometimes wonder why you've made particular choices, either in your relationship or in other aspects of your life?

To understand why you feel differently at different times, and why the same patterns keep repeating, both in your relationships and in life in general - and then to make any changes that last - it's necessary to understand something fundamental to who you are and how relationships work.

The Greatest Relationship Secret reveals the key to completely understanding relationships and yourself. This secret is so profound because it influences all your relationships and every, single aspect of your life.

It determines the type of people you are attracted to and attract. It effects the way you communicate, the way you set boundaries (or have trouble setting boundaries), and the way you express love. 

It influences how you look at life and how you look at yourself. It determines the choices you make and the goals you set. 

And it's why much relationship advice and other personal growth techniques have such variable outcomes.

When you know this secret, you'll have a new paradigm through which to see your relationships and solve any relationship issues.

You'll also have an understanding of why you're living the life you are now and how to start creating the experiences you genuinely want. 

This isn't the law of attraction, but it affects how that law works. You'll see how in this ebook.

What you'll learn here will profoundly change your understanding of yourself, of how relationships work, and of how your life unfolds.

Health, Mind & Body
March 23
Marze Communications
Astra Niedra

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GenuineGerm ,

Inspirational and moving

Very intelligent, strong willed book. Takes the point of view of an individual and looks at it from both sides. In a nutshell it discusses things you may, of may not already know and makes me more aware and conscious of who you are.

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