The Greatest Show on Earth The Greatest Show on Earth

The Greatest Show on Earth

The Evidence for Evolution

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Richard Dawkins transformed our view of God in his blockbuster, The God Delusion, which sold millions of copies in English alone. He revolutionized the way we see natural selection in the seminal bestseller The Selfish Gene. Now, he launches a fierce counterattack against proponents of "Intelligent Design" in his New York Times bestseller, The Greatest Show on Earth.

"Intelligent Design" is being taught in our schools; educators are being asked to "teach the controversy" behind evolutionary theory. There is no controversy. Dawkins sifts through rich layers of scientific evidence—from living examples of natural selection to clues in the fossil record; from natural clocks that mark the vast epochs wherein evolution ran its course to the intricacies of developing embryos; from plate tectonics to molecular genetics—to make the airtight case that "we find ourselves perched on one tiny twig in the midst of a blossoming and flourishing tree of life and it is no accident, but the direct consequence of evolution by non-random selection." His unjaded passion for the natural world turns what might have been a negative argument, exposing the absurdities of the creationist position, into a positive offering to the reader: nothing less than a master’s vision of life, in all its splendor.

Science & Nature
September 22
Free Press
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Customer Reviews

Indexck ,

Great book about the facts of evolution

I love Richard Dawkins' books but I must say this is not his best work. It is slightly dumbed down and obviously meant for more of a lay-person crowd than the avid science reader. Having said that, if you are curious about evolution at all this book will more than answer every question you have. Also recommended is Coyne's "Why Evolution Is True", also on iBooks.

Arrowspoint3 ,

Great book supporting a claim using fantastic evidence

This book is not written to be read by those who are not educated. It is however, not written expressly for a professional scientist. Therefore I am in a great position to read this book.

The Greatest Show on Earth is a fantastic support to the scientific theory of evolution. Dawkins provides many different kinds of evidence for evolution and clears up many misunderstandings that creationists may have. One of which being the mechanics which make radioactive dating accurate.

Being only in 9th grade biology, I learned an amazing amount of information from this book. I learned how domestication takes place more effectively in genes than in training and conditioning. I learned the evolutionary paths of many species we see today. Most importantly however, I learned how radioactive dating works.

I now have many, many studies and experiments to use as examples against creationists in debates.

I have gotten half way through this book and already I have learned so much, and I can use so much of what I learned. I look forward to reading the next half. Buy this book, you won't be dissapointed.

dr_kesby ,


Well written book, down to the point and has straight facts.
Smart man, evolution Is a fact.

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