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The Grid Trilogy Box Set

[Enclosed in this box set: Fall of Justice, Quest for Vengeance and Catharsis]

The Grid 1: Fall of Justice

A fortress city. A terrifying prison. A survivor determined to beat the odds ...

Joe Parsons is playing with fire and he knows it.

He has no idea what deadly secrets he and his friends will uncover when they finally hack into The City's sinister Fortrillium network.

Justice is in short supply in the harsh, decaying world in which he's been raised but Joe is desperate to uncover the truth behind his father's sudden disappearance seven years previously.

On the brink of a breakthrough, he is captured red-handed and sent directly to The Grid, a deadly, gamified colosseum from which only one person has ever escaped alive.

Hunted by his enemies and in constant danger, Joe must find a way to survive. 

What he discovers along the way will change his life forever … if he can manage to escape.

Fall of Justice is a gripping work of dystopian sci-fi, set in a post-plague world hundreds of years in the future.

The Grid 2: Quest for Vengeance

Two friends trapped in The Grid ...

A President who was there when the plague began ...

A conspiracy to keep the truth from those caught in The City ...

A man who will stop at nothing to hold his wife and children once again ... 

Caught in The Grid, Joe Parsons must fight to stay alive as his enemies conspire against him. 

While his friends work to save him, more startling truths are revealed about President Josh Delman's past. 

But Damien Hunter is on to the President, and he'll stop at nothing to save the wife and children who were stolen from him. 

In the second part of The Grid Trilogy, the truth is finally revealed about the plague years and how the decimation of humanity could have been stopped. 

But one man will do what it takes to keep the truth hidden.

The Grid 3: Catharsis

The ticking clock which could wipe out humanity ...

A deadly deal struck in secret ...

The betrayal which sentenced millions to certain death ...

A man who will stop at nothing to be reunited with his family ...

Only one man can end it all ...

In the final part of The Grid Trilogy, Joe Parsons is forced to forge extraordinary alliances in order to survive.

Having discovered the mystery at the centre of The Grid, he's not only fighting for his own life, he must now move fast to save the entire city.

The secrets of the past come back to haunt President Delman whose actions as a young man damned the citizens to their miserable lives within the high concrete walls.

The race is on to beat Catharsis and assure the future of humanity.

Can Joe Parsons fight his way back through The Grid and save the remains of humanity?

Fiction & Literature
April 12
Paul Teague
Draft2Digital, LLC

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