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The Grind

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You get one shot in life…make it a double.

Jaden Jablonsky is determined to make it big on her own terms. She has the mind of a ruthless business tycoon carefully hidden behind her unassuming tomboy attitude.
Nothing is going to stop her from doing what it takes to make her dream a reality. Her upstart café is her one true love. She’s obsessed with making it happen.

When Jaden travels to the rainforest and finally meets her guide, the enigmatic Pierce Griffith, she knows it’s going to cost her.

Will Jaden gamble her feelings and the beans of her coffee empire on the charming Australian who has dangerous secrets of his own?

Download this steamy erotic romance set deep within the lush mountains of Guatemala today and enjoy with an espresso…or two.

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He paced around the house for two hours. He began to wonder if she would ever come out of his bedroom. An idea hit him.

At the door, he knocked lightly. “Jaden may I come in?”

“Yes, sorry.” Jaden was stretched out on her stomach on his bed with a notebook and her laptop. She smelled of lime and coconut. She sat up and crossed her legs on the bed.

He sat down and held up a bottle of fine silver tequila. “I thought we could celebrate,” he said. Filling two shot glasses, he handed her one. “Ready?”

She nodded with a grin. “To the Green Beanery.”

They downed the shots on the count of three and chased them with limes. Over the next hour, they argued politics, American taxes, Starbucks versus independent coffee houses, and finished the entire bottle of tequila. There was a lot of laughter.

“You’re so much better looking than I thought you would be, Pierce.”

“Thanks…I think?” He swayed despite the fact that he was sitting down.

“Do you want to kiss me?”

He gave her a mock frown. “What kind of silly question is that, Jaden?”

“The kind that needs to be asked.” She leaned forward and landed on top of him, pushing him backwards on the bed. She kissed him and laughed against his lips.

“I wanted to taste you.”

“How do I taste?”

“Good enough to eat.”

He felt the same way about her. They clumsily kissed for half an hour but he realized she was so drunk and tired she could barely keep her eyes open. No way did he want her inebriated the first time he took her.

“Jaden, why don’t you get some rest and I’ll see you in the morning.” Pierce gave her a gentle goodnight kiss and she caught his hand when he moved to stand up.

“Don’t leave. Stay. This is your bed after all.”

He laid on top of the sheet while she crawled under it. She curled up next to him and promptly passed out. It took him another hour to follow. She smelled fantastic.

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Fiction & Literature
August 23
Alexandra Andersen
Draft2Digital, LLC

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