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The health insurance industry has changed. Gone are the days when you paid your premium, and your plan picked up the tab for all your health care. Nowadays the average deductible is over $2,000, which means that you - and not your health insurance - will have to pay for most, if not all of your health care.

Even worse are the dirty marketing tricks used to sell health insurance. You can spend thousands of dollars a year on a high deductible policy that you’ll most likely never use. Or you can be fooled into spending thousands more to buy a lower deductible plan that only gives you the illusion of better coverage, when in fact it doesn’t.

In this book physician and licensed health insurance agent Dr. Kevin Wacasey shows you how to save money on health insurance, and health care.

First, he cuts through the complexity of buying health insurance by proving that spending more on Silver and Gold plans that supposedly have “better” coverage, often ends up costing more than you could ever save.

By taking the reader along as he shops for a health insurance plan, then using a simple formula to compare ten different scenarios (pulled straight from healthcare.gov), Dr. Wacasey demonstrates that - in all ten cases - the Bronze plan will end up saving the consumer the most money. Both in sickness, and in health.

Finally Dr. Wacasey reveals the real, affordable “costs” of health care, and offers tips on how patients can save money on everything from ambulances to operations.

Individuals, business owners, and anyone else who has to pay for health insurance, or for health care, will find Dr. Wacasey’s book invaluable as he shows how to save lots of money – yet receive better care than ever before – in the first, truly consumer-driven health care system the U.S. has ever known.

Health, Mind & Body
September 30
Kevin L Wacasey, MD, PA

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