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Murder, Conspiracies… and what might be black magic.

In the summer of 2035, Atlanta is a city on the verge of panic. A killer is stalking her people, leaving behind eerily beautiful crime scenes painted with occult symbols. Is he an insane artist, carving his work out of flesh and blood? A satanic sorcerer, hoping to bring about the end of days? Or a political operative, trying to terrify the electorate into voting for his party?

A handful of people have the pieces to the puzzle, but they are scattered through the city’s subcultures: A black cop, trying to use high-tech forensics to solve crimes that seem to be right out of the Middle Ages. A Wiccan journalist who employs scrying spells and search engines with equal skill. A televangelist with an eye on the White House, and the Christian rock star who wants to take him down. A transgendered Cherokee shaman trying to right a wrong from the 1800’s. A street-smart gay detective hunting for his missing partner.

And Benji, the fourteen year old boy at the center of it all. Who thinks that his biggest problem is what will happen when his strict Baptist parents find out that his new girlfriend is a witch.

Together, they might be able to stop what’s coming. If they can stay alive long enough to find each other.

Winner of Two Spectrum Awards and picked as one of the “Ten Best Mysteries of the Year” by The Drood Review of Mysteries.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
December 3
Pyramid Press
Keith Hartman

Customer Reviews

RachalWine ,

An amazing book

The gumshoe, the witch, and the virtual corpse is a brilliant mystery that is considered SF because it takes place in 2024. It ties all of the characters together as magnificently as 'A Confederacy of Dunces' and each character tells their story in the first person - which is a new trend but Hartman did it first!

Give it a shot - you won't be disappointed.

HeraldMage ,

Brilliant first work

Each chapter takes rather disparate characters and slowly twists the plot threads together to a very exciting ending. This has to be one of the most brilliant first works every created by an author. Distinctive voices and the twists make it a fun journey throughout. I consider this a must-have for any mystery fan.

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