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You've heard the advice, “Go to school, get a good job, get promoted, climb the corporate ladder, and you will eventually find happiness.” All too often, people follow this society-prescribed path to success, falsely believing that it will lead them to happiness.

This mini-book teaches:

* An alternative blueprint for happiness, based on research from numerous books and scientific studies, along with Derek's personal experience
* How to change your rat racer or hedonist way of life
* 13 steps for finding happiness

After reading this handbook, you will be ready for the Evolve Your Life: Mini-Books for Finding Happiness, which teach:

* How to break free from the downsides of socialization- the constant seeking of external goals and external approval that end up making your life miserable
* How to escape the rat race by changing your inner or outer reality
* How to create alternative income sources, step outside your comfort zone, and spend more time with your family
* How to determine if you should quit your job (or take a sabbatical)
* How to discover your own values and life philosophy
* How to stop stressing out and stop living in “fight-or-flight” mode
* How to eliminate your bad habits once and for all
* How to stop obsessing over the future and start living in the present
* How to stop being manipulated by advertisers, mass media, corporations and peer groups

Part of the Evolve Your Life: Mini-Books For Finding Happiness Series.

Health, Mind & Body
January 15
Derek Ralston
Smashwords, Inc.

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MsKrump ,

just a big advertisement...

if you do what the book says "buy buy buy", ralston will be happier. :(

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