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Have you ever felt as though someone was watching you, but when you turned around no one was there?

How many times have you been unable to find something, then it later turned up in the exact place you’d searched over and over?

Why does your cat act as though it’s staring at something, even though you can’t see anything?

Just because you can’t see anything doesn’t mean there isn’t something there...

But don’t worry. Ghosts aren’t real.

Or are they?

This collection contains stories about ghosts, hauntings, and mysterious things by twenty different authors.

Table of Contents

1. "They Stole My Love Last Night" by Alexandra Brandt

2. "The Haunting of Melsbury Manor" by Rebecca M. Senese

3. "Some Old Lover's Ghost" by Dayle A. Dermatis

4. "Dreams of Saffron and Lace" by Leah Cutter

5. "Waltzing on a Dancer's Grave" by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

6. "Freshly Ghost" by Chuck Heintzelman

7. "Lilah's Ghost" by Deb Logan

8. "Old Spice Love Knot - A Nova Scotia Ghost Story" by Steve Vernon

9. "Roses Around the Moment" by Dean Wesley Smith

10. "All the Retros at the New Cotton Club" by DeAnna Knippling

11. "The Beforedeath" by Brigid Collins

12. "Brown and the Hotel Colorado Haunts" by J. A. Campbell

13. "The Pizza Man" by Mark Leslie

14. "Never After" by Jaime Lee Moyer

15. "Among the Shadows" by Louisa Swann

16. "The Flipside #4: Eagle Eyes" by Valerie Brook

17. "Chains" by T. Thorn Coyle

18. "The Storyteller" by P.D. Cacek

19. "The Scent of Roses" by Jamie Ferguson

20. "Frock Coat Dreams" by J. Daniel Sawyer

Fiction & Literature
January 30
Kydala Publishing, Inc.
Charles Heintzelman

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