The Healthy Indian Diet (Color) The Healthy Indian Diet (Color)

The Healthy Indian Diet (Color‪)‬

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How Indian Food Can Be Good for You... Written by Raj R. Patel, M.D., Anuja Balasubramanian, and Hetal Jannu.

The latest research reveals why traditional diets are good for you, especially those of South Asia, and what’s wrong with food today, much of which is refined and mass produced. While modern diets have been planting the seeds of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and many cancers in America and around the world, the Healthy Indian Diet can help prevent them from ever taking root.

Like the Mediterranean Diet, the Healthy Indian Diet is a way of eating based on natural foods and traditional techniques of preparation. This book aims to be a useful guide of what you can eat to optimize your well-being. In these pages, you’ll learn:
* How refined grains and other easily-digestible carbs in modern diets are linked to chronic disease
* Why wellness experts like Dr. Oz, Dr. Ornish (who showed how to reverse coronary heart disease without medication), and Dr. Servan-Schreiber (of “Anticancer” fame) praise elements of Indian food, especially spices like turmeric
* How whole-grain breads, certain fruits and vegetables, fermented dairy, and other elements of the Healthy Indian Diet can help you reduce your risk of chronic inflammation, keep your insulin levels in check, and control your weight

In addition to learning about the Healthy Indian Diet, you’ll find 31 mouth-watering recipes ranging from dahi (yogurt) and chana masala (a garbanzo bean curry) to oats-and-brown rice dosa (a savory crêpe) and coriander chutney. In the end, you’ll have a better understanding of what’s meant by the saying “food is medicine” and how we have control over our health based on what we eat.

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Customer Reviews

Rama81 ,

Great book

A very interesting read, I recommend this book to anyone who loves to eat Indian food

kevp1 ,

Great Book!

I thought this book was a very interesting read. The first part of the book focuses on the science of diseases that can be affected by diet and breaks down food and how it affects your body. I feel like the author did a really good job of putting in details but still making the book understandable for a regular person. The second part of the book focuses on the parts of a Indian diet and how to make them healthy. The recipes are great and simple to prepare. I would really recommend this book to anybody interested in knowing how what you eat affects your body and to those who want to make some healthy (and yet tasty) Indian food!

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