Breaker Boys

The Heart Breaker

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Publisher Description

Zack Nicholson is more than just a handsome face.
He is a liar.
He is a thief.
He is the bane of my existence.

Zack is my college ex’s best friend and we only agreed on one thing - we both hated each other.

The years haven’t changed my dislike, or attraction, of my nemesis, who is now vying for the same position I’m working so hard for.

I’m completely screwed.

Blake Holliday is gorgeous.
She is a nerd.
She is rude.
She knows how to push every one of my buttons.

Blake didn’t give me the time of day from the moment I met her – and that pissed me off.

I haven’t seen her for six years, and when she strolls into that conference room with a chip on her shoulder I want to do nothing more than knock it down. Except my desire for her is stronger than ever.

I’m completely screwed.

(previously published as Screw You)

January 17
Renee Harless
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Romance213 ,

She’s a distraction that I don’t need.”

What could Blake possibly do after she had sent her boyfriend a sexy picture which was then shared with his entire fraternity?! She had studied her heart out for the rest of the semester, graduated and never looked back, but the humiliation and embarrassment was hard to forget. Her wish was to never see her ex-boyfriend or any of his fraternity brothers ever again, but wishes don’t always come true. Fast forward six years and Blake had started her own marketing firm with her best friend, Sofie. She had landed an interview for a job with a very successful coffee company. Her presentation was topnotch, she was wearing her power suit, her hair was tasteful and professional, and she was ready to take on the world. The only bump in the road was that she would be seeing her ex-boyfriend who was the grandson of the owner. When she glanced around the conference room she was shocked to see Zack, her college mentor and David’s fraternity brother. What nightmare had she walked into? Blake really wanted to work for this client and she was determined to ignore the elephant in the room. How will Blake react when she is forced to work closely with Zach? How does Zach convince Blake that he had always been the good guy even when she thought he was the enemy? Renee Harless always writes from her heart and creates characters that we can relate to, cheer for and fall in love with. Blake never let her past interfere with her goal to be successful in her field. She is a strong woman who is a good friend, a devoted daughter and a hard worker. Zach had his work cut out for him with Blake but love is never easy and always worth waiting for.

megie harrington ,


I loved the book. You could feel there chemistry between Zack and Blake. I do wish the prologue had a part from Zack’s point of view. I think I would have connected with him faster!

KindleKat64 ,

Fun & Sexy

Zack and Blake have definitely never been friends. In fact after what happened in college she never want to see her ex, David who also happens to be Zack's best friend, or Zack ever again. However as fate would have it, both have been put in her path again 6 years later. Blake is trying to land an account that will be very good for the future of her company, and it just so happens it is with David's family company and Zack is also going for the same account. And thus begins the competition and that fine line of love/hate between Zack and Blake. Their chemistry is through the roof but can they reconcile what happened in the past in order to explore this chemistry and see if they have something special?I love them together. They are such fantastic characters that have so much more to them than what is on the surface. I was rooting for them all the way! What a fun story! Complete with steamy sexy times and great dialogue. Renee is a new to me author who is now a must read for me for sure!

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