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Ross, Juliet and son, Alec, return to Glenhaven in the Scottish Highlands with heavy hearts. They have reluctantly said goodbye to Ross’ two sisters. Glynis and Heather, along with Heather’s husband Jamie, who had to flee Scotland after the 1715 Uprising. When the couple returns home, troubling news greets them. 

While away, pompous and entitled John Alder and Juliet’s old suitor, had come to the castle looking for them. He is now on the brink of madness, driven by one thought. Find Juliet and make her his own. Fearing for her son’s safety, Juliet will do anything to protect Alec, but Ross may have a plan of his own.

October 23
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The Heart of the Emerald by Nancy Pennick will sweep you away!

Book: The Heart of the Emerald
By Nancy Pennick
Series: The Clan MacLaren, Book #3

Reviewed by: Barb Massabrook (of)
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Heat Rating: Sweet

Overall Rating:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Scotland, 1716

Englishwoman, Lady Juliet Anna Marie Kingston, was ordered to marry Ross MacLaren by her King. It was shortly after the Jacobite rising. Juliet had to leave her suitor who turned out to be a powerful but evil aristocratic brute. The Scottish savage she thought she was to marry ended up being the sweetest, bravest, and most honorable man she knows. The marriage ending up being one of love. However, her former suitor John Adler, is obessesed with wanting Juliet. He has already kidnapped her once with no help from her father-in-law. Now she was saved by her husband and also has a son and now are returning to Glenhaven Castle. Young Alec who was his sisters son who died from fever and his father was slaughtered in the Rising battle. Now due to this Jacobite battle they had to recently send both of Ross’s sisters to America with her his brother-in-law Jamie. Jamie would of been executed if they they stayed in Scotland.

Alec has grown very attached to his new parents, his former Aunt and Uncle. It was also his dying sisters request that Ross take care of Alec. There is also another lad a distant cousin named Cowan, who is a few years older but have grown very close. Now Juliet's old beau John is back in Scotland causing trouble and on the edge of insanity! He is drunk on power as his father is dying which will mean he will inherit the dukedom. His focus is still his obsession with Juliet and to try to get any type of information to prove Ross is a traitor in the Jacobite rebellion. His focus is not only Juliet but her new young adopted son Alec.

Only a few have this information but if it ever gets in John Adler’s ear it would mean Ross would become a prisoner and sent to England for execution. Unfortunately John has a man using one of the MacLaren maids for information. Will she share or even have any reliable information is another problem to be seen. Plus Juliet’s relationship with her father-in-law is still strained as he still sees her as a Sassenach wench. Will he ever accept his sons wife? Also all the MacLarens are missing the sisters Heather and Glynis. Will it ever be safe enough for them to come home to Scotland? Again the MacLaren family is in a lot of caos and suspicion due to John and his red coat solders. What will they do? Can Ross and Juliet even handle more problems? Can their love conquer all? I recommend to read and find out.

This is the third book in Nancy Pennick’s The MacLaren series. Another beautifully written book, filled with all the fast paced, elements, historical romance readers love. I absolutely love this book as it has all the twists and turns that keeps readers at the edge of their seats but wanting more!

Nancy Pennick pens another beautiful book that I highly recommend! I can’t wait for the next MacLaren novel!

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The Clan MacLaren Series
1)My Highlander Husband
2)Donnach’s Daughter
3)The Heart of the Emerald

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