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I’ve waited years for my drop-dead sexy boss, Tristan Hunter, to notice me as something other than his right-hand gal. But though his dog is deeply in love with me, Tristan and I seem doomed to the friend zone.

Until the night we kiss…

It’s all a ruse, of course—our make-out session is for the benefit of the two heartbreakers who dumped us—but very real sparks fly when his lips meet mine.

At least…they’re real for me.


She’s my employee, one of my best friends, my dog Luke’s not-so-secret crush, and totally off-limits.

So why am I suddenly unable to think of anything but Zoey Childers?

Two days into our fake engagement and I’m dying to take her to bed and show her just how real the heat could be between us. But crossing that line wouldn’t just be borderline unethical—it could be lethal to our friendship.

Zoey isn’t a casual fling kind of girl, and after the way things ended with my ex, I don’t trust my instincts when it comes to love.

I should call off this fake engagement before somebody gets hurt, but how to say “no” to something real with Zoey when every bone in my body is dying to say “yes”?

The Heartbreaker is a sexy, swoony Standalone romance.

June 22
Self Taught Ninja
Self Taught Ninja

Customer Reviews

Susanmcqusie ,

Cute Summer Read

This is the third book in the Hunter Brother series and is centered on youngest brother Tristan. Tristan was the steadiest and most unselfish of the brothers. Tristan had been engaged to his high school sweetheart, Kim Khan, until she called it off in a pretty callous manner a little over a year ago. Zoey has worked for Tristan for three years, and has been infatuated with him from day one. At Tristan’s brother’s wedding reception, Kim shows up with Zoey’s ex. Zoey goes to Tristan and asks his help avoiding the woman who made her college life hell, coincidentally, Kim “Genghis” Khan. This of course leads them into a faux engagement. Both Zoey and Tristan are super sweet, and the romance progresses pretty easily. This is a light, fun summer read.

LisaHines711 ,

Review: The Hunter Brothers 3: The Heartbreaker

The Heartbreaker by Lili Valente is the third standalone romance in her latest smoking hot series, The Hunter Brothers . The story of the youngest Hunter brother, Tristan, and the woman that helps him run the shelter, Zoey.

Tristan had his heart ripped out of his chest when the woman he had been with since high school decided he wasn't enough for her and disappeared to Australia leaving him heartbroken and lonely and picking up the pieces. It's taken a quite a few months but he is almost back to center again. It helps that his job keeps him busy and that he has such a great support system there with Zoey helping him run things.

Zoey has been head over heels for Tristan for as long as she has known him. Liking him never affected their working relationship but now that he is single she could stand a chance at catching his eye - if only he wasn't still hung up on his ex. When they are out celebrating his brothers wedding they run into not only his ex, but hers too. And lo and behold, their exes are together!

Queue fake engagement between Tristan and Zoey to stave off the weird vibe from Kim and Bear and you have another stellar romance novel by one of my most favorite authors. Pet humor, awkward situations, angst without too much angst, hot sex, anticipation - all of it! Enjoy!

Szmoromou ,

Anything but FAKE

The Heartbreaker is the third installment of The Hunter Brothers series. Poor Tristan, the sensitive and sweet Hunter brother is left heartbroken when he was left behind by the love of his life. Sixteen months he's been brooding, and when he finally starts to see the light at the end of the tunnel, his ex decides to reappear in town. Soon Tristan finds out that the women he thought he knew was anything but.
Zoey has been in love with Tristan from the very first moment she laid eyes on him. Then, Tristan was unavailable, in love and engaged. Even after his breakup, Zoey knew he would never look at her than more than a friend, a colleague. So when his ex Kim, Zoey's arch nemesis comes strolling into the bar with her ex, what a surprise for both Tristan and Zoey to find out that both of their exes are dating. What an even bigger surprise is Tristan telling Kim that he and Zoey are engaged and very much in love.
How far are Zoey and Tristan willing to take this fake engagement to convince their exes that they are truly in love? As Tristan and Zoey spend more time playing it up for their exes, the more they find that the feelings they are displaying is really REAL. Tristan thought that what he had with Kim was love, but spending time with Zoey he realizes that what he feels for her is REAL and she has been under his nose the whole time. Will Tristan and Zoey reveal their true feelings to each other?

I love Tristan and Zoey. There is nothing better than two people who start off as friends to then discover that what they have is so much more. I was thrilled that Tristan and Zoey were pushed into this fake engagement because in the end they found TRUE LOVE! Well done Lili Valente. The Heartbreaker is the perfect addition to this series.

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