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BEWARE THE GIFTS OF THE FAE.  Battered by the attacks of the demon king, the Fae Queen, Titania, promised her greatest warrior, Declan, that his line would never fail.  To keep her promise, she made a bargain with a human village.  She would gift each girl with a magical heartwood box.  When it came time to marry, the girl’s box would change color to reveal her true love.  But there was a catch: in each generation, one girl’s box would turn black.  She must give herself as a bride to a member of the Black family.

When Genevieve Miran arrives for the first event of the Bridal Week, the other girls are in a panic.  Damian Black has joined this year, and one of them will have to marry him.  Genevieve is too inexperienced to see what is obvious to the others: that Damian Black is a man who will demand complete submission from his wife.  When the gorgeous warrior sets out to charm her, Genevieve can’t resist: her heartwood box turns black the same afternoon.  

After his brothers failed to find brides, Damian Black knows he must be ruthless.  If he fails to marry, Faerie may fall.  The moment he sees Genevieve, his path is clear. Marry her and get her safely locked up in his castle before she can escape him.  But Damian never dreamt that he might have rivals for the shy Genevieve—or that the rivals might be his own brothers.

Warning: this novel contains graphic sex, spanking, bondage, three smoking hot alpha brothers, and a shy heroine who must learn when to say “no!” and when to say “yes, yes, yes!”

Fiction & Literature
July 11
Liliaford Romance LLC
Liliaford Romance LLC

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