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New York Times-bestselling author Russ Crandall returns with over 300 traditional recipes designed to reunite us with our recent ancestors and fill our homes with the aromas of kitchens long past.

Nearly one-third of all Americans go on some sort of diet each year, but it’s clear that a one-size-fits-all diet doesn’t always work--we are just too different from one another to follow the exact same eating patterns and see identical results. How is it that some people thrive on a vegetable-centric diet, or can drink milk without any bloating? Exciting advances in nutritional genomics research suggest that the genes we’ve inherited from our recent ancestors could have a bigger influence on our health than we once thought.

Teaming up with nutritional researcher Kamal Patel, the two break down fundamental dietary principles through the lens of genetics: the concepts behind food/gene interactions, genetic variation among specific ancestral populations, and vital or problematic foods across all cultures. To ensure that you can fully utilize this research, they also walk you through the process of tracing your family tree and taking your first genetic test to determine your unique heritage.

By navigating the complex tapestry of modern ethnic groups, The Heritage Cookbook provides a comprehensive history of humankind, from our earliest ancestors to the cultures we recognize today. The book provides a record of our planet’s major staple foods, their historical origins, health implications for specific ancestry groups, and traditional consumption rates for each ancestral region.

As with his celebrated debut, The Ancestral Table, Russ painstakingly combs through traditional and historical cuisines from every corner of the world to develop a timeless cookbook fitting for any kitchen. Featuring over 300 beautifully crafted recipes, The Heritage Cookbook presents itself in a way that lets you build a healthy and delicious diet regardless of your unique background.

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May 1
Russ Crandall
Russ Crandall

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