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Some people will stop at nothing in their pursuit of wealth and power. Indeed, the greedy will often resort to murder.

“You’ve been through a stressful time recently,” my fiancé, Dr Alan Storey, said. “I’m off to Bulgaria to attend a psychology conference so why don’t you
accompany me and we’ll throw in a holiday as well.”

Great idea, I thought. However, when I arrived in Bulgaria my inquisitive nature compelled me towards a mystery dating back to the Second World War. That
mystery involved Emil Angelov, the Hermit of Hisarya. As I delved into the past I stirred up some ghosts, which led to murder and the prospect of spending the rest of my days in a Bulgarian gaol.

The Hermit of Hisarya – a story of corruption, of murder, of a woman and her seventy-year-old dream, offering proof that the past, the present and the future are all intrinsically entwined.

Mysteries & Thrillers
November 12
Goylake Publishing
Smashwords, Inc.

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R3 fan ,

The Hermit of Hisarya

Sam and Alan travel to Bulgaria in this mystery--where murder and betrayal have roots to the past. What better country to write about the sins of the past than Bulgaria, a country whose traditions are steeped in the mysteries of the past and its inhabitants who consider a family as important as its community.

A statement Alan tells Sam says so much about the culture of Bulgaria: "You should not underestimate the power of the past, especially when the past is relived through collective memory.”

As well as this quote: “A secret so old, yet it retains such a hold.” Petrov nodded. “The people of Mir are country people; they have long memories." And in those memories, the sins of the fathers become the sins of the sons.

The book provides delightful information about Bulgaria, its customs and history, and so much more. As a Sam Smith fan, I truly enjoyed this cultural journey.

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